A Week’s Worth of Looks with Rikke Krefting

Published 15/02/2023
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Rikke Krefting Ulstein was born in Norway but has been based in London for 10 years now. Although her love for Norway is eternal, she agrees there is nothing quite like London. Rikke first moved to England to study Fashion Marketing and ended up meeting her husband who funny enough also is Norwegian. After a few years at the PR department of Tom Ford, she left to start her own business and is now a full-time freelance content creator and PR specialist. Rikke is known for her minimalist approach to style but also for always adding those extra details that make all the difference. She’s classic Scandinavian elegance with a bit of french edge. Bring your notepad Rikke takes us through a week in looks.

Day 1

“This look I felt was suitable for both day and evening occasions. I wore this to a dinner during fashion week, and I felt comfortable yet chic. I adore wearing looks that are both suitable for a daytime event, but at the same time, get evening event-ready just by adding high heels.”

Day 2

“I love dresses during the summer months, and I wore this amazing flowy dress in St.Tropez to dinner with my best friend and our husbands. We had such a fun night and I loved dancing in this unique fringe dress by Norwegian brand Envelope1976. These YSL- heels are a dream to walk in! For that extra detail, I added my favorite pair of Tiffany&Co earrings. Going out I need to feel comfortable to have fun, and this look is ticking all my boxes.”

Day 3

“I guess most people working in fashion can see where I got my inspiration for this look… Yves Saint Laurent, of course! I felt like this look was very suitable for the occasion, a casual yet romantic dinner with my husband in Italy.”

Day 4

“So this is me, rushing out of our home for some meetings on town in London. I adore this lovely coat from Rohe. The length is maxi which I love and it has the most amazing beige color. I combined it with my vintage Hermes Kelly bag, a cashmere turtleneck, and jeans. My go-to look for busy weekdays.”

Day 5

“Some fun fact not a lot of my followers know about me is that one of my favorite hobbies is downhill skiing! I use to ski 5 times a week while growing up in Oslo. I have always been a fashion-lover, while at the same time alpine has always been one of my biggest passions. However, fashion is always in my mind even in the slopes where I love to create fashionable looks for the mountain. Loving this look I wore in Zermatt.”

Published 15/02/2023

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