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Published 16/12/2020
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It is not a secret that this have been the year for the revival of the PJ. I remember when my friends laughed at me when I showed up to a nightclub wearing a silk PJ’s and the iconic Stella Platforms, and yes, they were absolutely golden. Little did they know! Today they are all hanging around in PJ’s and platforms as easy as they did in white t-shirt and jeans back in 2016. Well, I love it. And also another reason why I love fashion so much. To see how it transforms over time and what it does to people. However, the holidays are approaching and it is about time to get yourself a really comfy PJ to snuggle up in during the break.

And I am here to guide you through my favorite, new as classics.

Daily Sleeper

World’s First Walking Sleepwear

Starting off with the oldest player in the game. I remember the day I came across Daily Sleeper as it was yesterday. I was going to Paris with an old friend and screamed all over a café “I NEED TO WEAR THIS IN PARIS”, yes this was before I gave up planning all my outfits hour by hour.

Two minutes later I ordered their iconic feather PJ in blue with red details but as always I have the worst of luck, and the Swedish mail company lost it. So I never got to wear it in Paris. Or ever.

Image courtesy of Mette Sorrig

Image courtesy of Monroe Steele

However, in my opinion, they have been the leading within walking sleepwear ever since then. In other terms: that is a long time before the pandemic even started. But now finally, the rest of the world have realized the beauty in these amazing PJ’s too.

Shop all the different ones here.

Maybe a red one for Christmas?

Tekla Fabrics

If you have followed me on Instagram for a while now you know my engagement in the Tekla fanclub, especially when it comes to their colorful sheets. I believe that sheets in bright (but not too bright) colors makes you sleep better. Or that is at least what I have told my boyfriend, and oh well, it seems to work.

However, a couple of months ago they launched pajamases in the same fabrics (100% cotton) that are freaking amazing. I can’t wait for summer to arrive so I can wear it all day, to all occasions. Yes, they are absolutely that good.

But just a couple of days ago they launched winter versions in flannel and they look fabulous too. Would love to get one for every person in my family so we could match all together during the entire Christmas holidays.

Image courtesy of Tekla Fabrics

Get your own here.

La Veste

So, my favorite brand are launching date approved PJ’s.

Best thing that have happened me in a long time (yes I do say this to almost everything).

Image courtesy of Blanca Miro

Another favorite brand of, not primary of sheets, but more in terms of colorful clothing is La Veste. Not a surprise that either, right? BUT, they have now also launched everyday PJ’s that you can wear to any occasions not including a bed or sleeping. You can now pre-shop them through Vasquiat here. Perfect date and work outfit if you ask me.

Helmstedt x Browns

Another great brand, Danish Helmstedt, has launched an exclusive collection with UK based Browns fashion. I believe Helmstedt has always been the best when it comes to creating cute but quirky designs. They have found the perfect balance between feeling too girly and not too cool (if that has been a problem, I don’t know).

Shop the limited collection which is also including robes, blankets and pillow cases. Yes, you can match your PJ with your bed blanket. Isn’t that amazing.


For the sophisticated mind

Both Cos and Arket are two great destinations if you are looking for a less quirky and more sophisticated pajamas look. With a more classic fit and a bit sleeker look. Also to a more affordable price.

But add a pair of heels & a blazer, and you are more than ready to go for a date or dinner in these ones too.

Shop Cos pajamas here.

And Arket here.

Tom Àdam

I recently discovered this amazing pajama and underwear brand Tom Adams, that is founded by dad and son Àdams. I have a weird love for family businesses, maybe because I am born in one and can relate to all the love (and endless dinner conversations) that comes with it. So this really warmed my heart reading their brand & family history. I also love that they only use family members, including dogs, as campaign models.

I will absolutely try to convince my grandma to be our model for our next editorial work.

“Saving planet with small steps and meaningful steps”

Tom Ádam’s philosophy is immersed in a minimalist aesthetics. The silhouettes are clean and unisex, which means no sore thighs for us women with hips and curves. Can’t imagine anything worse than pants that are to tight and cuts into private areas.

They are aiming to find balance between natural textures and earthy colors. Almost sounds like they are Scandinavian right? But they are actually based in both Paris and Berlin.

Shop all the products here.

Published 16/12/2020

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