Images by Jesper Florbrant for Wall of Art x Attack Shop

A Case For Plates On Walls

Published 25/10/2020
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I remember going to my grandparent’s house as a child. Their living room was dressed in thick floor-length curtains, gilt mirrors, and the walls were covered, floor-to-ceiling, in plates. Mostly classic blue and white Chinese porcelain plates were placed in intricate patterns between oil paintings depicting the English countryside, dramatic scenes of ships, and more plates. 

Now, many years later, when my grandparents have passed, their house is gone and most of the plates are sold I have started to think of plates on walls. Probably because my Instagram feed is full of creative people putting all sorts of items on their walls. (I spy textile art and tapestries being the next big thing).

The king of putting plates on walls however is Luke Edward Hall. If you by any chance do not know who he is I’ll tell you. Luke is, by far, one of the most prolific artists of our time. He has mastered the balance between being an artist and a social media star, producing original artworks and home goods for every generation and type of home, from cottage to castle.

It is hard to describe his style since it is forever changing but right now it is equal part 18th century Grand Tour souvenirs and 1980’s dramatic colors, magnified by 21st-century social media marketing. Most people recognize his simple but effective drawings of young men (often inspired by his handsome boyfriend Duncan), placed on lampshades, pillows, trays, and of course, PLATES.  

Images by Jesper Florbrant for Wall of Art x Attack Shop
Images by Jesper Florbrant for Wall of Art x Attack Shop

But why do we want to put plates on our walls? Nostalgia of course. The past year we’ve been reminded of our mortality and spent more time at home, constantly redecorating. This combination is the reason why we look to our grandparents, the safe space of childhood.

So, embrace your inner grandma and give your walls an update. All kinds of three-dimensional objects will add excitement, try something woven next to a painting and some plates. How to choose a plate? Buy a cheap plate at your nearest second-hand store and paint in color complementary to the room. Perhaps the color of your sofa, a pillow or a painting. The pop of color will instantly create some zen as the eye will register the use of the same color in several places. Or if you DON’T want harmony just take your favorite plates, put them on the wall and voila! Don’t think – just do!

Images by Jesper Florbrant for Wall of Art x Attack Shop

You can either do that or leave it to the pros. Here are a few of my favorite plate artwork.

Everything in the plate collection by Wall of Art x Attack Shop featuring up-and-coming artists.

Available for purchase via Wall of Art.

Images by Jesper Florbrant for Wall of Art x Attack Shop
Images by Jesper Florbrant for Wall of Art x Attack Shop

Beaujolais plate by artist Anna Mörner.

“Rätt mat hela dan” by Sven Jonsson and Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg

Image Courtesy of Bukowski

“Gourmet” by Bengt Berglund for Gustavsberg

Image Courtesy of Tradera

The classic face plates by Picasso

Image Courtesy of Christie’s

The collaboration between Luke Edward Hall and Richard Ginori

Image Courtesy of Matches Fashion

Available for purchase via Matches Fashion

Published 25/10/2020

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