Looks I’ve saved on Instagram to get me out of my November blues

Published 30/10/2019
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If Men had periods sweatsuits would be appropriate office attire

As we are entering the most useless month of the year (to me at least) November, I find myself in the same position I’ve been in every November for the last 25 years. This is an exaggeration, because was I this self aware when I was 5? Imagine that. If I had been we’d have more serious issues to discuss. Let’s say it’s the last 10 years.

Every November I have nothing to wear, I have PMS for four weeks straight and the feeling of being terribly unsuccessful is just as present as Bottega Veneta clutches on Instagram.

But unlike most people, I’ve discovered, I don’t feel like social media is doing this to me. I am doing this to myself. And instead the cure happens to be social media. Seeing things I like, getting inspired, talking to people who experience the same things. I guess it’s another way of looking at it.

I will come back to this, but for now did I hear someone in the back asking what I’ve saved into my save and wear folder? I sur did.

I am actually almost 100% sure that sweat suits were invented for lazy PMS days? If men had periods it sure would have been.

Pernille Teisbaek wearing a full sweat Balenciaga and making it office appropriate (at least if your office is in Copenhagen) with a blazer. Swap the sneakers for heels and you have your Friday night out outfit too.

Well hello Annas patent crocodile trousers! Would you like me to be your new mommy? Of course you would.

Seriously thought, I almost dropped my phone in my face seeing this photo (I was obv lying down).

I am seriously trying so hard to make this scarf and sunglasses-look work on me but until day it has been in vain. I look like someones (quite young though I must say) grandmother. Maria is working it though. Maybe it needs to be Dior to be cool? Lol of course not. But it doesn’t hurt.

I just need to add a spoon of confidence to make this pie taste well. I’ll get back in the kitchen.

Jeans tucked in boots

So speaking of confidence that is what you need to pull this look off. And Hanna has it, no doubt.

I actually have nothing else to say about this than wow can a trouser hem change a look or what. To tuck or not tuck, that is the question. Hamlet almost had a point.

How to wear your puffer post noon when it’s really to warm but the morning was freezing which ment leaving it at home wasn’t an option? Glad you asked. Tie it around you waist to make it a very cool belt. It’s warm but not too warm. It’s sporty but in a not obvious way. Win-win situation.

Thanks Sunniva.

Speaking of not dorky ways to wear winter attire. Hilda is really pulling off what looks like a water and wind resistant jacket. If I could tell that to my 14 year old self who thought Goretex was as cool as staying home on a Friday night I really would.

On The Frankie Shop’s website this headwear is named Knit Hooded Headpiece and I don’t know what else to call it so I will call it Knit Hooded Headpiece. It’s like the best part of a hoodie and a balaclava all in one. And so chic to dress upp with sunglasses and chunky necklaces layered.

I will try to make this look work and I will get back with the result soon.

Published 30/10/2019

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