6 really good looks I wore to 6 different occasions this week

Published 05/07/2019
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I’ve doucumented 5 of the 22 looks (OK maybe not, but almost that many) I wore this week on 35mm film. Mostly I’ve just been cruising town in clogs and a bathrobe, which basically is the local dresscode down here in our small old summer fisherman town. But we’ve left town a few times for some road trips, and this is how I looked.

Out grocery shopping

Hoodie, Weekday
Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen
Heels, Balenciaga
Bag, Chêne

“Are you really gonna leave the house like that?? It looks horrible”

My best buy this summer, who actually was on 50% sale, is my Balenciaga knifes. I prefer to wear them with sport socks, which my aunt said two days ago “are you really gonna leave the house like that?? It looks horrible”. I love it.

Post gym session

Tshirt, Balenciaga
Biker shorts, Fendi
Bag, Fendi
Sunnies, Chimi
Slippers, Adidas

Sunnies, Chimi x Elsa Hosk
Earrings, Sophie by Sophie
Necklaces, Pearly and more
Bikini, Calzedonia

“Find me by the ocean”

Off beach clubbing in Flipflops

Sunglasses, Chimi
Blazer, Vintage
Tshirt, Beyond Retro
Shorts, Beyond Retro
Bag, Chanel
Flipflops, Havianas

Post tanning

Except my Balenciaga knifes, I think this is my second best buy this summer. I wore this dress four days in a row last week, to all different occasions. But I can’t deny its the ultimate beach dress, and party, and met-your-parents-in-law-for-the-first-time dress. Its like 12 in 1.

Dress, Cecilie Bahsen
Sunnies, Chimi Eyewear

“The Aperól Spritz is calling my name”

As you know from this article I got a bit obsessed with the fact of wearing dresses, and as you might have noticed it hasn’t changed. It’s really the best whenever I don’t know what to wear. 9/10 times I always dress it down with a t-shirt and no make up.

Dress, Ganni
Tshirt, Eytys
Hat, Loewe x Paulas Ibiza
Bag, Jacquemus
Flipflops, Havianas

Published 05/07/2019

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