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6 Big Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2021

Published 16/08/2020
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Copenhagen was the first fashion week to take place since the work officially confirmed a pandemic. This of course has shaped both the way we look at fashion weeks and the entire circus around it, but most of all it has shaped the brands that were showing and obviously the collection they were showing. Because the needs of a population in crisis can’t possibly be the same as it was pre crisis, or can it? I feel like the brands that actually did show during Copenhagen Fashion Week has taken this under consideration. Where were we, where are we now and where are we going? Not only did they have to ask themselves this as a brand, but also as people living on this earth.

Of course I feel a bit weird writing about next seasons fashion trends when we don’t know how this (being the pandemic) will end. But I do want a fashion industry when it does, so I will continue to analyze like clothes still were as important to me as it was a year ago. Fashion brings all kind of people with great creative talent and vision together, I would never want to be without it and that. However the way the industry has shaped itself by adapting a wear-and-toss mentality has turned into a monster I would rather live without. And that’s not the only thing that reeks to be honest (we will get back to that). But maybe this time to slow down and think will have given us the tools to tackle it all and make fashion into what it once was and the reason we all got into it: expression, personality and craftmanship, rather than white influencers flashing their latest purchases on social media (here’s looking at myself too obviously).

So, let’s see what Copenhagen has got for us spring 2021.

Sporty is still doing sports?

Soulland. Photo: James Cochrane
REMAIN. Photo: James Cochrane

Will athleisure ever go out of style? Right now it does not feel like it. I don’t think anyone minds though? However I do think athleisure needs to be something else than yoga tights and blazers and both Soulland and Remain is doing a new take on incorporating sportswear into daywear. I’d do both looks for next spring and right now.

Older knows better

Mark Kenly Domino Tan. Photo: James Cochrane

The time when all models were thirteen years old are over and thank you fashion for that. Both Designers Remix and Lovechild had ultra cool mature women walking down the runway.

I just want to add that this of course is a process too. 10 years ago this would not have happened due to the scare of standing out as a brand.

Now? Why not show the clothes on the people they look best on, the cool women no matter age who can carry them.

Lovechild. Photo: James Cochrane

Beige is not beige

It’s like your entire Instagram feed this summer: just a big field of wheat

The era of all colors at the same time are over and has made place for all the no-colors to make a comeback. Or were they ever really gone? I can’t tell anymore. Anyways, white all the way up to beige is a big deal next season. Mix them all together and you’ll be fine.

The goal is somewhere between naturally dyed toilet paper and Oatly.

The key to make it interesting though is to keep it layered and layered good. Think dimensions and materials, the more the merrier.

The way fashion is peeling off everything over-the-top extravaganza in terms of both attributes and colors are so telling about the time we live it. Walking around in peacock outfits aren’t our top priorities right now, we have more important things to take care of and we need something less squealing to do so in.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan. Photo: James Cochrane
Designers Remix. Photo: James Cochrane

Leather is hard to wear out (such a truth)

Ever since Bottega Veneta brought back the modern leather woman who occasionally rides motorcycles but mostly just likes looking fierce in leather and has no problem with her sweat glands working double shifts, the leather looks has been falling from the sky in endless proportions.

She just marked herself present for the season of 2021 too and she is not afraid to mix structures and colors.

Solland. Photo: James Cochrane
REMAIN. Photo: James Cochrane
Baum und Pferdgarten. Photo: James Cochrane

Suits are cool

Mark Kenly Domino Tan. Photo: James Cochrane
Lovechild. Photo: James Cochrane

Preaching for the choir here. But all kinds of suiting are still an approved go-to for every occasion.

Not to get all super analyzing on you, but I find this suit revolution we have been having these past years and seasons so empowering. It’s not just a suit, it’s a true feminist action, in history and now. Us women are obligated to do all things men has told us we cannot do, for ourselves and for the generations to come and we need the right outfit to do so in. We are equals and our clothing should tell so about us.

The best size is oversize

Designers Remix. Photo: James Cochrane

Oh you don’t have this in my size? No worries I can size up.

Size has always been just a number and even though society has been telling us we need to be a certain size to be dignified we absolutely don’t. I find the oversize trend to be an anti-pole to that. Also, it makes you feel super cool.

Wear this trend now, wear it later and wear it with everything and with pride.

Published 16/08/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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