7 outfits we got under 50€

A very big thing for us Hobnobbers* is to practice what we preach – fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to look hella’ good. And to show you that life can’t be Chanel bags and Balenciaga windbreakers all the freaking time (even if that’s fine too though) we challenged ourselves last week. 1 outfit for no more 50€. All thrifted and vintage. This turned out to be a great exercise for us all, self evolving to say the least.

Carin, who isn’t a big vintage shopper (she always say she never finds a-ny-thing, but boy did she have to take that back, at the end of the day) found a whole new side of her style. Yes, really!

Linn found a pair of tights (for 6€!!!) which she states she loves as much as she loves her boyfriend.

And I found that my addiction to everything bike short oriented (and short sleeved for that matter) is really something I need to take up with my therapist.

Also, we called Lowe (who visited her home town over the week) to ask her if she wanted to take on the challenge as well, and she ended up getting this summer’s best sandals so now we are super jealous. Great.

** is it okay that I call our editorial team at Hobnob HOBNOBBERS or is that just very lame???

Let’s see how we all did.

Fanny’s thrift diary

Is this the mother of all bike shorts or what?? It must be, right, since it’s a bike SUIT? I was totally channeling Marine Serre SS19 in this thing, don’t you think??? It’s like a mini dress, but make it tour de France.

Bike suit, 18€
Blazer, 20€
Jelly shoes, 6€

Also, since this was so much fun and our hunting skills were on another level that day, we actually did two outfits each. What a treat. For you.

Fanny’s second creation

A short sleeved shirt is the perfect vintage find this summer. And let me tell you, they are everywhere!

Are you one of those people who never find anything in thrift stores? I can’t say I feel you, bc I am really good at finding the crap in the bottom of the piles. It’s a gift. But if I were to advice you on only one thing to go for this summer it would be the short sleeved shirt. Aren’t they everywhere, or is it just me? And they are so versatile. PS. Go oversize for a multitude of styling options.

Shirt, 14€
Skirt, 5€
Flip flops, 16€

Also, these heeled flip-flops were such a freaking catch. I’ve been wearing them everyday since I got them. Seriously.

What Linn found

Ok, so Linn really did find this blazer first. But I borrowed it. She probably has like 1 gazillion of them, but can’t stop getting new ones (or old ones really).

Blazer, 20€
Stripe shirt, 9€
Tights, 7€

Tights is the best thing to buy vintage. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. The 1980s were bad in many ways, but the tights were not one of the them, let me tell you that.

These are the tights I was telling you about earlier. They are older than Linn, which only makes them better.

Linn’s second vintage outfit under 50€

This 80s blazer dress was quite the catch. The original plan for this outfit didn’t include pants, but the tights were just too good not to wear with the blazer. I can’t say I blame her.

To say that the person in this picture “like” the 80s, is not an exaggeration.

Blazer, 25€
Belt, 9€
Flip flops, 16€

Hey Carin!!!!

Track suit, 30€
Strappy silver sandals, 12€

Is that a really bright track suit, or are you just imitating a senior citizen on a power walk? Didn’t think so!!!

Boys and girls, don’t buy newly produced track suits. The old ones are clearly SO much better, it’s embarrassing for the new ones really.

Also, if Carrie Bradshaw didn’t think shopping was cardio (isn’t it though???) this is what se would wear to the gym.

Carin’s first (but not last) thrift find

When I pitched this article to Carin she was all like I don’t know if I should even come, I never find anything in vintage shops??

We were about 5 seconds in, when Carin found these yellow track pants. She compared wearing them to having your legs wrapped in clouds. Whatever that means. But she’s been wearing them every day for the past week so it must be good.

So, for Carin, this day was all about getting out of her comfort zone.

Is a bright pink hawaii shirt with jumping dolphins far enough from that cozy zone of comfort??

I rest my case.

Track suit pants, 13€
Hawaii shirt, 14€
Flip flops, 10€

Lowe reporting from south of Sweden

So, Lowe did not only find great freaking sandals (need to borrow them ASAP) but she also found something that is always on my vintage shopping list: a bouclé jacket. These tiny old lady jackets are so versatile and says something like I love tea and biscuits, but I was also married to a rockstar quite briefly in my youth. Don’t you think??

Bouclé jacket, 15€
Shirt, 12€
Shorts, 5€
Sandals, 15€

Cut out and save (or screenshot, you know how it’s done)

Team Hobnob’s (or the Hobnobbers if you like??) best vintage hacks.

This is everything. You need to have a strategy or else you will just end up looking, and not seeing the full potential in things. Are you looking for things to complement your summer wardrobe? Go for short sleeve shirts and tops. Need a party outfit? Go for the 80s dresses and don’t forget about the accessories. This leads me to our next hack. 

Make a list
Do a vintage shopping list like you make grocery lists. To buy: A short sleeve shirt, an 80s bouclé blazer and pastel Bermudas. This will keep you on track. 
Also, menswear! This is a goldmine. When it comes to the best blazers, shorts, pullovers and shirts, there is nothing like the menswear section. 

Patience + a friend (a friend with patience!!!)
Going vintage or thrift shopping demands time and a partner to tell you if you look (too much) like your aunt Hilda or not. Don’t expect to go into a vintage shop and find something the first thing you do. It’s like treasure hunting, but without the map. Yes you are right, they should teach this in elementary school. 

Know your labels
 If you are looking for the truly great vintage pieces, you have to know your labels. Are you an 80s woman? Go for YSL, Guy Laroche, Escada and Chanel. More of a 90s kid? Versace, Moschino and Calvin Klein. And so on! 

Published 09/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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