10 Sale Pieces I Would Invest in RN For My Fall Wardrobe

Published 21/07/2020
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I do the same mistake every summer. I spend all my money on summer sale and then when the fall news are dropping in I somehow regret that I bought the summer pieces. Well, the pieces have never been bad purchases, but I am just in general bad to plan an look forward to what’s coming. And those summer pieces are still my favorites, so I don’t regret anything. However, this 10 I would love to get this summer sale and wear until the first snowflake falls here in Sweden.

I think lime green is having a comeback.

Like yellow had us all around its pinky finger all spring, right??

Well, lime green is at least growing on me. And that is fast. Wouldn’t mind wearing this green dream early fall with a pair of really loose light denim, chunky sandals (ofc with socks too) and a thin brown turtleneck underneath. Great kombo I know.

Find it here. From Simone Rocha via Net-a-Porter.

The it-bra from 2020

I am not that kind of a spender when it comes to underwear. But when it spells JW Anderson and its Cystal-embellished, I would gladly invest 290€. Or am I crazy for thinking that???

No, I am not.

Find it here. From JW Anderson via Net-A-porter.

The statement coat in vegan leather

Do I have to explain this one?

Well, I can do it anyway. One of my favorite brands when it comes to statement outerwear is for sure the Danish brand Saks Potts. And not to spoil too much, they have 50-70% on their website rn (!!!). And guess who got matching patent coats just a couple of days ago?

Yes, that’s right. Me and Fanny. One pink and one turquoise. Can’t wait to colder weather now.

Find all of them here.

Full pink suit

This pink blazer from Jacquemus can’t have missed a single feed this spring. Though it deserves every single second of attention, it truly deserves more than one season of fame. I would love to meet my colleagues at work (Fanny) in the full version, that is to say with the matching pants too.

Blazer on 40% here

Matching pants on 50% here.

The 70’s platform

Is absolutley still a thing. Especially if it is signed by Prada, and having a retro pattern with the colored mix of brown/green/black/white. Imagine to the hot pink Jacquemus suit, or the lime green Simone Rocha dress.

I am already broke just of the thought of it.

On 30% from Prada via MatchesFashion

Spoiler alert: they have an extra 20% at checkout rn.

I actually already made my dream purchase this fall

Yes yes yes. I have only unpacked it, wore it once, and then packed it down again.


WELL. I saw this skirt at Loewe’s showroom last fall during Paris fashion week and screamed straight out when my eyes caught it. I think I remember I had high pulse and breathed heavily throughout the entire day after that visit. Ofc it was way way too expensive for me, as predicted. But I had hope. I just HAD to catch it during the sale, and so I did last week. HURRAY. I still feel as the happiest girl in the (material) world haha.

I am sure we will have so so much fun and (hopefully) attend so many weddings and parties together.

Find it here from Loewe on 70% via Net-a-Porter.

Two bags that I would definitely hit on if this was a bar situation

Yes I do need a pillow embellished velvet tote from Khaore in my life (and wardrobe) this fall.

You find it here on 70%.

There are for sure a handfull of situations when you need to have your hands free, right! Like when running? Skiing? Dancing (at home with friends though)? Or maybe when cooking cacio e pepe?

Yes to all five above. Then this Boy(y) is the perfect solution to that problem. Now on 30% here.

If I was invited to a party tomorrow

I would personally drive to Net-a-Porters warehouse and refuse to leave without this one. As they now have 10-14 working days as delivery time. Well, lucky me there are no big party plans in my calendar in the nearest future.

But you never know.

I am though attending a 25th birthday party in October with the theme James Bond, could be a good reason to get this. Or?? Yes of course with the bra too.

Now on 60% off here.

Fall version of the “home office slipper”

If the restrictions continues to be like this, I need to get myself a new pair of home office slippers.

These ones from Staud are on top of my list and are dangerous close to the shopping basket rn.

Find them here on 50%.

Published 21/07/2020

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