You’ve Got Mail: A Shopping Conversation

Published 28/10/2022
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​​Every month in a new message-based column, Hobnob founders and editors Fanny Ekstrand and Linn Eklund will share a cutting from their ongoing online shopping conversation. Why are they in need of glitter shoes even though the rainiest muddiest season is knocking on their door? Do they have a telepathic ability where they just know what’s in the other person’s cart? And is it really physically possible to add the words too many in front of words such as high-heeled shoes, rhinestone earrings, vintage lamps, and designer armchairs? (the answer to that is no by the way).

Linn Eklund, 38 min

Are u there?


Fanny Ekstrand, 37 min

But the question is, do we need another pair of glitter boots?

Linn Eklund, 37 min

well, I guess we do now??
Gosh, I need to protect my wallet from evil push notifications!!

Fanny & Linn wearing the Teurn Pointy Glitter Boots

Fanny Ekstrand, 37 min

I know we love our new Teurn boots, but is one pair of glitter boots enough for a season?

We did get the Mango slingback heels in silver too last weekend

Linn Eklund, 36 min

Does the bear shit in the forest?

Fanny Ekstrand, 36 min

If it has to go to the bathroom yes

Linn Eklund, 36 min


Fanny Ekstrand, 35 min

Are we bears though? Or are we just crazy birds attacking everything shiny right now

Linn Eklund, 35 min

Birds shit too I guess?

Fanny Ekstrand, 34 min

I am adding them to the cart RIGHT NOW
Just have one question before I check us both out

Linn Eklund, 34 min

Yes bc we are actually going to a 25th birthday party in two weeks????
Jesus, I feel old now
Maybe the boots make us look younger
So we have to have them, yes

Fanny Ekstrand, 33 min

I know!! I mean I am always looking for a good excuse to purchase party accessories bc I really feel like they make all the difference

Linn Eklund, 33 min

Check out fast before we regret this
We had two glasses of wine for lunch

Fanny Ekstrand, 32 min

Like the 60% off banner wasn’t enough of an excuse
I know, that a second lunch glass of wine really has a bad bad influence on us

Linn Eklund, 31 min

Let’s do it before anyone else in Team Tabi finds them

Fanny Ekstrand, 31 min

Ok, I am gonna check us both out of The Outnet with sparkly Tabis in a second if you can answer this question: How will you style them for an everyday look???

Linn Eklund, 31 min

Omg, I just thought about this!!!!!!
Definitely with super wide Balenciaga jeans and my new leather coat from Teurn
Right now I feel they would fit any outfit???
And how about you??

Omg imagine in summer with a great black mini dress and tanned legs

Fanny Ekstrand, 29 min

I know, the holiday season is approaching… I know that not only from checking my calendar but actually from me literary looking at everything sparkling. I should get professional help

Yeeees glitter and denim is a perfect everyday look HERE FOR IT

Linn Eklund, 29 min

Don’t call me then, I have too bad an influence on you
Remember when we were just gonna go “looking” for the Balenciaga boots?

Fanny Ekstrand, 27 min

Oh yes that time we went to the Balenciaga store just to look at the boots! HAH!
Like when people go to look at kittens…
No one can go just to look at kittens. IF YOU LOOK AT KITTENS YOU ARE LEAVING WITH A KITTEN

Linn Eklund, 27 min

It was like they called our name
Buuuuy me Fannyyyyyyy
Buyyyyy me Linnnnn

Fanny Ekstrand, 26 min

Balenciaga drawstring leather high-heeled boots looking for a new home

Fanny Ekstrand, 27 min

adopt don’t shop

Linn Eklund, 27 min

You know
It’s the same with boots

Linn Eklund, 26 min

Look don’t shop 

Fanny Ekstrand, 25 min

But speaking of the holiday season, we do have a lot of events coming up… I think I want to get a good sequin skirt to go with like everything this season???
Preferably a mini one, think Paco Rabanne but without the big price tag………

Linn Eklund, 23 min


It’s literary like you talk about this H&M skirt? It’s GORG
I saw it the other day and it’s such a party animal! You should 100% get it
Imagine it to go with the Balenciaga boots
Or with your Prada loafers for work

Sequin skirt by H&M.

Fanny Ekstrand, 21 min

Are you kidding like that’s exactly what I had in mind!!!

Linn Eklund, 21 min

Maybe I should get one too

Fanny Ekstrand, 21 min

It’s SO Carrie

Linn Eklund, 21 min

I got super inspired now??
Then we can be evil twins AGAIN

Fanny Ekstrand, 20 min

She would wear it with like a white crisp button-down shirt that she stole from Mr Big!! And like strappy sandals

Image courtesy of HBO.

Fanny Ekstrand, 20 min

But I am def feeling the black slouchy Balenciaga boots with it, maybe with like a turtleneck body or something, and a super oversized blazer

Kind of Khaite AW 2022 but a little bit more Y2K slutty

Linn Eklund, 20 min

Does your husband own a shirt for you to steal to that look?

Never mind, I just realized you have like 50 shirts…

Fanny Ekstrand, 19 min

Måns has shirts, but his shirts are not even close to being as good as my shirts hehehhe

You know I take care of my shirts like my babies, send them to dry cleaners, air them etc. Måns think you can wash a tuxedo shirt at 60 degrees

Linn Eklund, 11 min

Don’t get me started on washing histories, Felix has absolutely washed my cashmere sweaters into children’s sizes too
But circling back to glitter things
Did you see the earrings I sent you? Also from H&M

Fanny Ekstrand, 10 min

That’s so sad I cannot even

ohhh yessss you mean those heart-shaped ones?

Linn Eklund, 9 min

How good isn’t H&M right now?
I have to sit on my hands not to put the entire sequin collection in my cart
But I do think I have to get the earrings though

Fanny Ekstrand, 7 min

Well they are Sweden based so I guess know the importance of some sparkles now that the days are like 1 hour long
You must! They give me studio 54 vibes
Speaking of silver though, I saw this skirt when I was scrolling Arket on my way home from work today
Imagine this skirt with a matching short leather jacket!!

Linn Eklund, 5 min

No way José

Hahaha I actually have this skirt in my cart

Fanny Ekstrand, 4 min

oh yes way rosé!!!

Linn Eklund, 4 min

Are we sometimes the same person?

I am starting to get nervous here

Fanny Ekstrand, 4 min

I actually do think this is super scary

Linn Eklund, 4 min

Do our mothers have something to tell us?

Fanny Ekstrand, 4 min

sometimes I feel like we have talked about something when actually we haven’t

Linn Eklund, 4 min

Bc I am too look-a-like my dad, it can’t be him

Fanny Ekstrand, 3 min

I know!! I’ll call my mother, she has to know
hahaha but seriously I also think it’s getting worse

Linn Eklund, 2 min

Oh no, what happened to José now

Fanny Ekstrand, 2 min

I think he also had two glasses of rosé wine for lunch

Linn Eklund, 2 min

But he did get the Tabis right?

Fanny Ekstrand, 1 min

I mean I hope he did because I see 39 is sold out now
We got the last two pairs

But speaking of short leather jackets, I am really here for them and their moment right now??

Linn Eklund, 1 min

Yes, but can you hold that one?? I really need to run now

We need at least 40 more minutes to go over leather jackets and when I say 40 minutes I don’t even include shearling jackets

Published 28/10/2022

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