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Published 14/04/2020
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Is it just us, or have Instagram exploded lately with influencers posting designer pieces with caption “mood”??? Yes and yes. We love it, but we have also thought about if all those really now what and who they are posting. Luckily we are here for you to tell you all about it.

Keep scrolling and maybe you’ll find your next “mood” post.

The insta famous “Togo” sofa

By Ligne Roset

No one can have missed this on Instagram, I think every single big influencer have posted at least one post each on this one. Including me. And Fanny.

Well, I actually have one too. Haha. Though I ordered it 15 weeks ago, but hell yes worth the wait. It is as comfortable as it looks like, me and my bf fights about who gets to sit in it.

Yes it took almost 47 years for it to bloom.

Okey, maybe not. But for Instagram to discover it.

Here comes a short FYI history about the Togo. Good to know before your next interior quiz.

The Ligne Roset’s “TOGO” collection was originally designed in 1973 by the French Michel Ducaroy, and going stronger than ever during its 47th year?? I read in an article that they have sold over 1.2 million Togo’s this far. And with the power of Instagram maybe they’ll double that by 2021.

Verner panton chair

By Vitra

Another piece I can bet on you’ve seen in your feed once or fourteen times the latest weeks. No? However the Panton chair is an Iconic chair by the Italian design brand Vitra.

And yes I know, all good designs are born in Italy.

As almost all other great stuff in this article, the Panton chair was made in the 60’s by Verner Panton. And did you know it was the first chair to be manufactured completely out of plastic in one single piece?? I did not. How cool. Also made to be suitable for outdoor use aswell (in my ears: twice as good investment).

Yes I might just have made my boyfriend go and pick up three red ones I found on Swedish Craigs list 20 minutes ago.

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All physical meetings booked today one month ago

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Roly Poly Garden Armchair

By Faye Toogood

Or as me and Fanny calls it – the cute ass chair.

Maybe not as famous as the other treasures this far, but I can almost put my little finger on that this will be the next lover of some influencers.

However. The cute little as chair is a collaboration between British Faye Toogood and the Italian (yes, how surprising) company Driade.

Sisters Faye and Erica Toogood, the design duo behind the genius British design company. One a tinker, the other a tailor. And yes, it really is TOO GOOD. Faye’s preoccupation with materiality and Erica’s audacious shape-making are making the most amazing pieces at modern time. (Almost sounds like me and Fanny?? Hehe. Maybe not.)

The collection also features a two seater sofa, perfect for dates and Hobnob’s Aperol spritz hours.


by Mario Bellini, early 1970s.

Another insta famous friend of ours! Hurray!

This one you must have seen aswell. I can count at least seven accounts that I’ve seen it on the past month. And I understand why!!

The Camaleonda modular sofa was designed by Italian (yes, again) architect Mario Bellini in 1971.

Best thing about it? You can modul it as you like. For example; as a two- seater sofa with armchair and footstool – or take the backs off and use it as a daybed. (Twice as good investment here too!!)

Actually the first boom came almost immediately after it was featured in the exhibition “Italy and The New Domestic Landscape” which was held at the MOMA Museum in NYC, 1972. Or 2019 on Instagram, as you wish.

I would die for this yellow dream.

Wassily chair by Knoll

This sweetheart is also familiar to all of us, right? And also a personal sweetheart of mine. I have alerts on various sites to find the perfect one to our summer house, preferably in dark brown (or a funny color) but they are so freaking expensive.

Did you know these chairs design is inspired by the frame of a bicycle?? Pretty cool when you think about it, and its designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925 for Knoll.

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Patina perfecto #MarcelBreuer #Knoll

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Here is my dream pair in blue. Wow.


Jan Ekselius, 1970

First Swedish player in the game! Finally! Etcetera chair is made by Swedish designer Jan Ekselius in the early 70’s, and they are still hand made in the deep forest of southern Sweden.

I think this looks soooo comfortable. Imagine sitting here with a magazine and a glass of wine?? Yes/no? Or just take a nap. Also if you’re fast and smart, you can find this one to a real bargain at vintage sites. I found sold ones for 400€-600€ on Bukowskis and Barnebys. That’s a catch.

Also get panic and want to refurnish your entire home now??

Well, I got your back.

Here are all my favorite vintage sites
for interior shopping.

Published 14/04/2020

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