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Published 23/12/2019
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Oh those sweet years in the beginning of the century when you were considered ready for a night of just about anything in a good top. I am obviously talking about the going out top. What a movement it was! If I had gotten a penny for every time I heard, “I need a good top to go with my low rise boot cut jeans for tonight” I would not be sitting freezing my ass off in a couch in Sweden right now.

I probably still would though, Sweden is a nice country to live in. And I would not be that wealthy considering I was about 6 y/o in the beginning of this century.

However I do feel old now because I am just gonna say it: was dressing easier a couple of years ago? Or did my mom just lay out clothes for me back then. Btw, did you know that it took me 10 years to get over her telling me that red and purple absolutely cannot be worn together in the same outfit? I remember it like it was yesterday. I dressed myself, and laid out a pair of purple cargo pants and a white and red top. One of those 3/4 sleeve jerseys with red arms and white base you know? John Travlota wore a similar one when trying to exercise in Grease (I say try bc we’ve all seen the film). And my mother walk pass my door asking me, are you wearing that? Fanny, purple and red does not go well together. You might want to try another top.

15 years later and purple and red is a great fucking combination.

But my childhood traumas are not the topic here but going out tops. I know that they are back and all, but are they still as facile as they once were? Whenever I try a going out top I always end up feeling boring. That’s what many years of layering styling has done to me. But changing mindset is the first step to change a toxic behavior I’ve been told.

So, let’s give it a try! I give you, me in toning out tops anno 2019, of course worn with denim bc it would be a going out top if it wasn’t paired with denim.

The Sequin Top

The sequin going out top is as old as the game. All good party nights ever started with I need something sparkling. Sequins to me are the ultimate party starter and I am not even a good party dresser.

To me party dressing has always been associated with trying too hard. And trying to hard is something I’ve been busy not doing all my life. That is a Swede’s biggest no-no. We never want to be pointed out as trying too hard. But why is that? In other cases than my own I love when people are trying hard to make an outfit good or a party extra. As I type this I realize this should be my New Year’s resolution, trying hard not to be scared of trying too hard.

Sequin top, Nelly.

The Millennial Pink Top

This is probably how real a 2019 going out top can be. It’s pink, it’s slightly snake printed, it has a square neck, marked waist and puffy shoulders. Tick, tick, tick in all boxes.

If I wouldn’t have decided to wear all these tops with jeans I would have worn this babe with some snake printed trousers. Image that.

I think I just came up with my dinner outfit for tonight.

Pink top, Stine Goya.

The Transparent Top

So mesh has had a pretty good decade, right?

I myself am not that into it mesh since it requires to show more skin that I like to show. But then I realized all my mesh problems could be solved my adding this summer’s biggest top trend: The Tank.

Not a new garment exactly. But wow did the tank top have a good summer. So, in memory of Summer -19, let’s give the tank a good winter party season too, underneath all see-through tops.

Top, H&M.

Published 23/12/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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