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Published 02/12/2020
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Dear Santa..

This christmas I deserve to gift myself.

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to treat yourself.

Christmas, my favorite holiday. The candles, decorations and all those magical feelings in the air. The older I get, the more I care not to let that magic disappear. Self-gifting is a great way to keep the magic going. I consider it to be just as important as gifting our loved ones. I mean, how good haven’t you been this shitty year? You deserve those nice Loewe pants or that Attico dress you want to wear on New Year’s Eve. Even if you are celebrating with your friends over Zoom (let’s pray for the best but expect the worst).

So 2020 didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, but let’s celebrate it soon being over by treating ourselves to that one thing on the top of our wishlist’s! Who’s with me?

Time to explore my mile-long favorite list at Vestiaire collective!

My no.1 my wish on my list is Neva’s little finger rings made by Zuzana Spustova. I’m thinking of investing in one and then buy one each time something special happens. In this way, each ring becomes a sweet memory. For those of you who do not know Neva, she recently made a collaboration with Arket. Something that became Arket’s first jewelry collection. Yes, I kind of bought everything!

Christmas, the best holiday for glitter and feathers!

I have been following Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini for a couple of years now and I consider them to be the coolest duo in modern time. As many of you probably know, they are the founders of one of my favorite brands, The Attico. Every year they manage to release the coolest lookbooks with perfectly styled outfits. That’s why Attico’s entire collections have been on my wish list for the past four years.

Image Courtesy of The Attico

Attico FW 2020 -The perfect match of classic meets modern.

Image Courtesy of The Attico

Feathers on feathers? YES.

The entire ATTICO collection has been on my wish list for the past four years.

Gilda Ambrosio outfit will be this year’s inspiration for Christmas Eve.

Image Courtesy Emili Sindlev

Berrets for everyone

As my idol Emili Sindlev, I want to spend the winter in these cute berets from Ganni.

Get it here.

Image Courtesy Jacquemus

Le Chiquito long:


*Please see this Santa*


Photo by: Joe Cruz –
Jacquemus earrings
Image Courtesy of Sophie Bille Brahe Botticelli

Big, small, logos, and pearls. I am making room in my jewelry closet for all types of earrings right now.

Because really, there is no greater way to update an outfit (or just renew the one you already wore ) like with a good pair of earrings.


Looking forward to spending winter in large cable-knit sweaters paired with my favorite earrings.
<—- Shirt Nathalie Schuterman’s own brand . Click!

Image Courtesy of Zara

Toteme Wide Shaft Boot has been on my shopping list for a long time but as many of you probably know they are sold out since way back. Now, these beauties came online at Zara, and they will just have to do for substitute. Wish-listed!

Image Courtesy of Zara

Another budget find from Zara is this dress with incredibly fine details on the back.

Lets talk about interior design!

My best Christmas gift tips is coffee table books. I would recommend you all to check out publishing house Assouline if you haven’t already.

Personally I dream about a large bookshelf sorted with books in all the colors of the rainbow. Bur for now I’m collecting all my favorite books, dream-bookshelf will come later in life. A blanket from Linnéa Andersson’s collection from Arket is on the wish list together with Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa, which is somewhat higher in price…

Image Courtesy of Assouline

Books from Assouline.

Image Courtesy Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk’s magical bookshelf in New York.

Image Courtesy of Arket
Image Courtesy of Bukowskis

Mario Bellini – “Camaleonda sofa”

Linnéa Andersson for Arket.

Everything on my wish list is CV19 approved, which means you can find everything online and in the carousel below.

Published 02/12/2020

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