Winter Skincare Shake-up

Published 18/11/2022
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When the cold breeze starts to pick up it’s time to welcome the ever-dizzying balaclava, plush robe coats, and furry boots – I’m excited. However, hand in hand comes slathering on an endless array of moisturizers, serums and oils in an attempt to soften and hydrate drrrrry skin – not thrilled. Don’t just refresh your wardrobe this coming season, the change in temperature also calls for a skincare shake-up. Proceed further for a few of my favorite products and boosting ingredients that I’ll be adding to my routine to winterize my complexion.

Soft skin starts here.

Your skin will produce less oil during the winter season so opting for a cream or oil-based cleanser will allow for a more gentle approach to removing a day worth of makeup, while further helping to lock in moisture.

Search for and you’ll find Clinique, take the day off balm. This cleanser does the dirty work for you, removing all traces of make-up and residue all in one. It doesn’t even require water, as simple as wipe on, wipe off. Trust me when I say this balm cleanser will give your skin the TLC it deserves.


Step up your (skincare) game with a shot of OJ 

Help recover last season’s sins in the sun with a daily dose of Vitamin C. Now that we’re heading into darker times reduced sun exposure might sound dreadful, but on the *bright* side it’s the perfect time to incorporate active ingredients into your routine.

Paulas Choice just launched C5 Super Boost Moisturiser – it’s a friendlier formula that will help to brighten and boost skin, stimulate collagen production so the skin will better retain moisture, and protect it from external aggressors. That was a mouth full, but honestly who doesn’t want to correct and reverse the damage to skin from a long summer of sun and Sauvignon Blanc?



You can ask siri how to pronounce it.

Vitamin C, we’re going to have to ask you to step aside a minute. Settling onto shelves far and wide is Niacinamide —aka vitamin B3 – an equally (if not more) capable competitor in your beauty cabinet. 

When we’re in for tough times ahead and the air isn’t as humid as in summer it’s harder to retain water in the skin. This superstar ingredient improves the skins surface by helping to resist the moisture loss that will eventually lead to recurrent dry, tight, flaky skin. On top of that, it has your dermatologists’ seal of approval for everything from helping with [excess] pigment that you’ve accumulated over the summer, boosting your collagen, and working against time, reducing fine lines, and wrinkles.

So you say you have dull skin? Then Niacinamide is your best friend. 


Hi, Caroline here. Suddenly your personal financial advisor.

Let me give you some advice that will not only help your skin but also lower your electricity bills this season. Hot showers disrupt the skin’s moisture balance = skin can become a lot more flaky and dry = all your natural oils will dissolve as fast as hot water washing grease off the dishes. So start trying out cold showers, they’ll both decrease your electricity bills while saving your skin from drying out. Win-Win. 

Rise and shine… serum time.

Your skin needs the same consideration as your wardrobe with hardworking layers. When you’ve removed your makeup and applied your toner, next in line is a product that will target your skin concerns in depth. We’re talking serums.

So what product can give you that after-workout glow, without actually going to the gym? Let me introduce Exuviance SkinRise Morning Glow – It has the power to transform your skin without lifting a dumbbell or sweating through a spinning class.

Morning Glow consists of 36 serum-soaked pads that moisturize the skin intensively. With ingredients such as cucumber, green tea, and eucalyptus this serum will provide a cooling feeling, which is sure to make your skin wake up.

Life hack: cut your serum-soaked pads in two, so you double the lifetime of the product. I also only use this product 2 – 3 times a week, you’re not going to want this to end.


Sleepy skin? I don’t know her.

As the fashion world looks to Paris for next season’s wardrobe, let me look inside its pharmacies for must-have skincare essentials.

Next up on my list is therefore Yves Rochers Melatonin Night Serum. Allow yourself to be armed in the fight against winter fatigue with a serum specifically designed to work while you dream.

Yves Rochers Melatonin Night serum will trick your skin into triggering antioxidant behavior that would otherwise kick in during sleep, allowing you to wake up with skin that’s reenergized and glowing.

If you can’t make it to Paris, lucky you. It’s available online with a pleasing price tag.


Bring in the heavyweights

More time indoors and ramped-up central heating means your skin requires more hydration. Take a barrier-positive approach, and feed your skin with nourishment.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 – haven’t heard about it? Guess you don’t have TikTok. It’s technically not a moisturizer, but you can definitely use it as one. The reparative balm locks in essential moisture and protects from harsh elements. It’s like a winter coat for your skin. We’re talking status of a Prada Padded Re-Nylon coat, but for the price of Zara.


Face oils are like the frosting on the cake. 

Smeared on as the last step, a good oil will lock in moisture, regenerate, and repair skin. The feeling is so delicious.

Magic in a bottle.

Let’s save makeup for another day, but MACs fix plus radiant magic is worth mentioning in this forum. Loaded with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils, this mist gives your precious face a moisture boost and a radiant glow that will last all day.

For that final dewy look don’t forget to spritz across your face before jetting out the door – your skin will thank you later.


Seamlessly transition your skincare between seasons. There is no need to swap out all of the formulas you keep in rotation, but a few modifications will make it easier to combat seasonal stressors, and keep your glow game on top.

Published 18/11/2022

Hobnob contributor, Caroline Ekberg, was previous Style Editor for Harper’s BAZAAR. She preaches marrying polka dot with plaid and florals with leopard and if you take a peak inside her closet you’ll realize she stores more feather embellished garments than any peacock can carry.

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