Winter Jackets Can be Totally Cool

Published 07/01/2020
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This has not always been my opinion though. Only a few years ago I was under the opinion that winter was the worst season of them all to get dressed for.
But don’t get me wrong, it’s not my favorite season but I don’t think it’s that bad anymore. Wait, is this growing up?

Living in Scandinavia, I have a lot of winters in my back. 25 to be more exact. But it wasn’t until recently I realized how great it really is. The snow make everything brighter, the air is like having constant new brushed teeth and not to mention all the fun activities that comes with it (ok one, skiing).

Instead of embracing these old months we have every year I have been trying to push back. Spoiler alert, it hasn’t been successful. I have destroyed multiple good shoes, frozen until I thought my fingers would fall off and just been pushing back instead of adapting. And who has been thanking me? Not even me?

And now that I am on the other side (the grown-up side let’s call it) I can’t help to think to myself every time I meet someone who has ankle short trousers and low shoes with no socks, Oh my God you must be freezing.

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Would you want improve your party outfit with a puffer? You should consider doing so.

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The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about party attire isn’t necessarily puffers. But I will think twice from now on. Pairing a down jacket with some serious high shine trousers is like the new sneakers with skirt look. Remember how groundbreaking it was? People that wasn’t in the fashion industry were like whaaaat is she wearing, sneakers and a dressy skirt? She must be mental. And the same with suits and sneakers. Have in mind this was a few years ago.

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Put a belt on it

I know I can’t possibly be speaking for everyone, but isn’t peoples biggest issue with puffers and winter coats in general the lack or shape? Everything is just so big. Silhouetteless. Well, if that is the case, Ienki Ienki has the solution to all our problems. Belts! Belted puffers!

Why isn’t this a really really big thing? (Or is it already? Is Scandiland just really far behind?).

If you don’t feel like purchasing a new puffer just put a leather belt on it. Doesn’t get more 80s mom then that. Or fun! But those things tend to go hand in hand.

To dress it up like a sleek coat

Image Courtesy of: Ellen Claesson

This is almost my favorite way to wear the puffer. Or the one before. Or the first. Actually they are all pretty good.

Imagine Ellen in a sleek wool coat instead of this puffer. Would the outfit look any different besides from less cool? Probably not. And what I mean to say by this is: a puffer jacket doesn’t demand a puffer jacket friendly outfit. Not at all! It’s almost like with the party outfit but instead of hey let’s drink lots of wine and don’t think about our 9 am meeting it’s like hey let’s go to a gallery and have lunch at that fancy place.

I feel like I really got you with that one.

Ok, so it’s not like I don’t winter to end and spring to come bc I am not a psycho. Obviously it’s easier to dress when you don’t need a jacket at all.

However I really want to talk up the puffer, down coat or whatever’s in your closet. It’s not worth freezing to try to look cool. Because you know what? The only look you end up going for is looking cooled down. I wish someone said this to me, well, a few months ago.

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Published 07/01/2020

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