The Wide Belt is My Hero Piece Spring 2020

Published 03/01/2020
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As you may have noticed on my Instagram, my latest crush in life (right after my bf) is this wide belt from Loewe. I want to wear it everywhere with anything! Doesn’t matter if I am putting on a pajama or a tuxedo, the belt will be there. It just goes with everything.
But it’s not only the wide belt I fancy right now, I am obsessed with all belts and the way they can change an entire look. It such a fun addiction to my style (and maybe yours too?). So, no new year, new me for me, I am sticking with my best purchase of 2019.

And if I were to be completely honest, I feel like that in general with trends right now. I like where I am with my style and closet. But we all know that could change over night with spring closing up.

Moving on!!!!

I guess it started here. It was actually when I saw Sarah wearing it over her The Frankie Shop boiler suit I decided: the belt must be mine. And I have not looked back since. Just see how that freaking belt just transforms those looks into something way more interesting! It’s like fashion magic.

But one can not get stuck in old styling tracks. That is how I feel right now. Keeping to old wardrobe favorites is not a bad thing at all, if you add that something extra to it every time. Which is just what a wide belt do to your look. So, I give you: my wide belt and me for the rest of the winter (which seems never ending already and it’s only January what’s up with that??).

Chunky grandma knit

This knit speaks for itself (you sometimes just need to put some extra sparkle to a basic piece to make it a wardrobe hero) but after a while I felt like it needed a lift, or actually get tucked. Enter: the belt!

Also I am loving this combo of white, brown, green and blue. And wearing shorts in the middle of the winter!! You all should have seen everyone I met that day’s faces. It’s just outrageous to skip the pantyhose in December in Sweden.

Knit, Ganni
Leather shorts, Topshop
Knee bots, Old Céline

Is a party situation calling?

But your outfit can’t pick up? Or do you just lack time bc you prioritize having another glass of wine rather than going home to change? Yes we can 100% relate.

Just go for your average suit, and add the wide belt to it and *surprise*. I believe everyone should keep party props in their office in case an occasion shows. A wide belt, a pair of really good heels or a lipstick. Just add it to your existing outfit and you are ready for about anything.

Suit, Vintage
Belt, Loewe
Clogs, Gucci

Just like I did here. Well, my grandma think this suit looks like a PJ, but it’s just a suit from the 90s which I bought in a vintage store in London.

I can sometimes feel a bit square shaped when I wear vintage or men’s suits so getting a new silhouette and escaping that situation is a favorite trick of mine.

It is also a very dancing-on-tables-approved outfit as you can see.

Or would you like your outfit to throw its own party?

There’s never a reason not not to feel fancy.

Right? I could definitely wear this look to any occasion that would include wine. It could be work, an after work (maybe not a work out though), birthday party or a family dinner.

Again, how amazing is it that one single detail can change an entire outfit. Maybe the waist belt is the new red lips??

Dress, Roksanda
Boots, Old Céline

When the party is over and I can’t get out of my PJs

It happens embarrassingly often. I love strolling the town in my PJs. People who work at my supermarket just smile at me when I come shopping in striped poplin suits (which I like to call my PJs in public).

Adding the wide belt to this look would maybe say less hangover, more fancy Saturday afternoon walk?

Sweater, H&M
PJ pants, Second hand
Boots, Zara

So, a safari look can never go wrong.

However, one needs to think twice before putting a boiler suit on to occasions where there are a lot of beverages. Why aren’t people talking about this more? How annoying it is to visit the ladies room in a jumpsuit? I am saying it like it is here.

Jumpsuit, The Frankie Shop
Boots, Old Céline

It’s a jungle out there

Published 03/01/2020

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