Why Dresses Are Like Spaghetti

Published 18/07/2021
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Photo. Annica Eklund
Retouch. Åsa Eriksson

Why do we like the things we like? Huge question. Let me start over. Why are we more drawn to some things than other? For example, I always chose spaghetti over other pastas in the pasta aisle. Not because it taste different that farfalle or penne but because it (in my opinion) is so versatile. Same goes for my shopping. Of course I love big statement tops, wide trousers and cute skirts but much like farfalle I see their limitations. No, always when in the mood for some cyber window shopping I check the *dress* box. Why? Dresses are like pasta, you always feel good with a dress. Spaghetti can be cheap and easy with a tomato sauce, but hot and luxurious in a lobster ragu. The same goes for dresses, the occasion make the dress (and obviously the accessories). I might be writing this from Italy where I have had a lot of time thinking about both pasta and dresses. 

Ultimately I think these past two years has made me rethink my style. I wan’t the clothes in my wardrobe to make me feel stuff! Sweatpants and cashmere sets don’t make you feel anything except for comfortable and do you want to look back at your life and feel like ’oh yes I was comfortable’?? That’s a no for me, thanks I am good. 

I want pieces I cannot live without, because everything else is just noise. The conclusion to this has turned out to be: dresses. Dresses can be like small universes. I dare more with dresses than any other type of garments. Dresses can travel through occasions and seasons unlike anything else. Because when they are good (and you should only invest in those who are) they can manage to capture feelings, occasions and eras which you can return to every time you put it on. Dresses are like armor. My autocorrect asked me if I meant to say amour and maybe that says something about my writing habits but its also not entirely wrong. 

Can we please swear to each other to from here on now, only buy clothes that makes us feel armored or amour?? Panties and tank tops excluded because I am not an idiot. Let me show you what I mean. 

And one last disclosure for this rant about pasta and dresses, just like with spaghetti, you can serve it by yourself at home in front of season 3 of Sex and The City or you can serve it at an actual fancy event, both works. The occasion doesn’t always decide the mood, you can too.

The gala dress 

Dress by Christopher Esber.

The princess dress 

Dress by Khaite. Earrings by Balenciaga.

The sexy dress

Dress and hat by Jacquemus. Strap heels by Bottega Veneta.

The I want to make a statement dress

Dress by Bottega Veneta. Hat by AWAKE. Pearls by Gucci.

The every summer’s dream dress

Dress by NAKD. Crochet bustier by H&M.

The flower dress (that are groundbreaking)

Dress by Alessandra Rich. Hat by Jacquemus.

The date night dress

Both dresses by Gina Tricot for Gemme Collective.

Published 18/07/2021

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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