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Published 11/05/2020
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What you’re about to witness might not even seem real. This is art taken to a whole different level.

Dain Yoon

” I get inspiration from my feelings, both emotional and physical. Since both of my parents worked day jobs, I had a lot of time to think on my own when I was young. Although everyone feels emotions, I was overly sensitive to mine, to an abnormal extent. So when I started painting at a young age, back when I used to paint on canvases and pieces of paper, the subject matter of my work was almost always about people and emotions. “

-Dain Yoon, in an interview with i-D.

Dain Yoon is a creator, an artist and a storyteller all put together in one. Something really important to know is that there is nothing else in these creations other than makeup. The first time I discovered her account I just couldn’t believe it. It just simply couldn’t be done without digital touch up, I thought. But boy, was I wrong. Yoon makes me feel things I didn’t even know one could feel.

She creates an entire universe through her optical illusions and I want to live there forever.

Escape to Yoon-world with me.

Images via Dain Yoon


Adding influences from the past yet keeping it trendy makes makeup artist Bea Sweet a must follow. With color combinations made in heaven and silhouettes we didn’t know we needed (until now), Sweet makes us hooked. Inspired. In awe.

Mimi Choi

She started out as a pre-school teacher thinking she found her path but ended up expressing her most personal feelings through makeup.

Images via Mimles

Choi’s main inspiration comes from dealing with sleep paralysis since she was a child. During the paralysis she could see people with no faces, people chopped up, one person splitting into 10 and then coming back into one, she tells Garage Magazine.

It wasn’t until she started doing makeup she stopped living in constant fear. It has become her salvation and has helped dealing with the hallucinations. She calls it a blessing in disguise.

“Do not choose the path of least resistance — If you’re not pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and if you don’t even try just because you’re afraid, you’re choosing a numb existence. We only live once — take risks, choose happiness, and create an extraordinary trip. You owe it to yourself” – Mimi Choi

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Published 11/05/2020

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