White Jeans are Absolutely Appropriate for Fall

Published 03/09/2020
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I am so ready for fall and to wear anything else but flip-flops and tank tops. So this is me: being ready for my fall style.

There is only one thing. The perfect fall style, outfit and wardrobe is a total illusion. Why you might wonder?

Have you ever worn a good knit on a day where the temperature is just between i’ts a good idea for a jacket and still not cold enough for a jacket, without pending between freezing and sweating hard?

That’s what I mean. How can I look good in a full length runway Céline FW17 knit dress that I spent a month’s worth of rent on off eBay (I have not done this but consider it tbh) on my way to work when I one second wish I would have worn long johns underneath and the other would give anything to throw that damn blanket off and never see it again?

“The perfect fall outfit is an illusion”

And let’s just say this is if one is lucky enough to actually experience a fall where your raincoat isn’t the most used garment in your wardrobe.
So what should one do then? Not enjoy the best season of the year? That’s not an option. But the best way to actually live through fall with style dignity well kept is to let your spring wardrobe interact with your fall and winter wardrobe.

The best way to do it? Bring out those white jeans and let them live their best life through-out fall too. Unless you know it’s a rainstorm outside.

So, how does one get their white jeans in the mood for September, October and even November? Here are my 5 best ways to style white denim trousers.

Layered good

“Hello, mom? I know you said one can’t wear white jeans post August but I am 26 years old not and I shall do as I like.”

Give your see-through dresses a longer life post summer vacation by layering it over white jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. Not save for a full plate of pasta pomodoro unless you are very good at behaving yourself while eating which I sadly am not.

Lace dress, Rodebjer
White jeans, Arket
Wool slippers, Céline
Pouch, Bottega Veneta
Sunglasses, Céline

With leather

I think this combination would scare a lot of people. White denim and black leather. Two extremes together. But again, that’s what makes it interesting to me.

This look is like having a cloudy glass of rosé wine with a bœuf bourguignon!!!

Maybe not the first things that comes to mind as a good marriage but still something you can’t hate before you’ve tried it.

White jeans, Arket
Leather blazer, Arket
Leather shirt, Arket
White pumps, Balenciaga

White jeans, Arket
Yellow leather trench coat, Remain
Rib cashmere knit, Arket
Suede loafers, Gucci

With all the beiges you can find

White jeans love the full scale of neutral colors. Mix them all and add as many materials as you can and I will assure you, your fall look will be on point.

Layers are the key to in-between season dressing. You can undress as easy as you just add on but that says itself.

To go with a party top

The woman who said that a good cashmere turtleneck can be added to any look to make it both more sophisticated and cool was a genius.

Oh wait, that was me who just said that.

Top, Cecilie Bahnsen
Cashmere turtleneck, COS
White jeans, Arket

What would Diana do?

Tell me, is it the boots that make this look feel so English countryside? Or have I simply never been to the English countryside?

Tucking your jeans, blue, white or black into a pair of boots is my favorite way to take a look somewhere completely else. I also love the combination of deep brown and crisp white and will do this look at least once a week these upcoming weeks when I get sick of my feet.

White jeans, Arket
Cable knit, H&M
Brown croc boots, & Other Stories
Green padded bag, Stand Studio

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Published 03/09/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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