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When Fall Weather Gives You Lemons, Style Them With Rain Boots

Published 03/10/2021
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Scandinavian fall is known to be related to two things, layered looks and a lot of rainy days. Both of then need to be accompanied by great rain coats and boots. That’s why Hobnob Journal have teamed up with Tretorn, a company with a lot of heritage and a long history of taming weather with clothes.

If we have learned anything besides from keeping a distance and washing our hands during the last year and a half it has been how important nature is to us. Never have I ever seen so many people get off their couches and hiking, taken their food to go instead of in and valuing the time to get fresh air as I have since the pandemic hit. But I do find that many of us are having a hard time connecting our outdoor wardrobe with our city closet, mixing function and fashion if you like. To me, that is when it gets really interesting.

How to wear them: rubber boots

To the wide fashion mass of our generation, Phoebe Philo of Céline with an é or Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta created the revived buzz around rubber boots. By pairing them unconventionally with great coats, updated suits and fancy dresses, created the foundation of the love story between fashion and function in the 2010s. But truth to be told, that love is older than many may think. Back in the 1960s, in the wake of Twiggy and short A-line dresses and boots, rubber boots in quirky colors became a huge thing. If also happens to be the birth decade of Tretorn’s Wings boots (which I happen to be wearing in the photos above). Now, 60 years later, Wings are still with us and feel more current than ever.

How to wear it: rain coat

Followed by the success of the Wings rain boots, came the Wings rain coat in the 1970s. Can you even begin to imagine how many family camping trips and rainy music festivals this rain coat has been through? I may not own a caravan and I may not have been to a concert since 2017, but I really enjoy this classic together with my crochet skirt.

How to wear them: rain coat and boots

October days in Scandinavia can be both wet and dark. The rubber boots and rain coat makes up for the soggy part, whilst the sequin dress helps an awful lot with the darkness. That’s the thing kids, when life or the weather hands you lemons you make lemonade with sequins and rain proof gears.

How to wear them: knee-high rubber boots

Very few things can go wrong with chunky rubber boots. Rainy autumn wind, cold winter storm or false spring. Treating your lined rubber boots like any other black classic boots and you have a look you can trust for any occasion.

Published 03/10/2021

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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