When did Harry Styles style get so hysterically good?

Published 22/11/2019
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Image via Harry Styles

This was actually the first thing I said to Linn when we woke up today. No we do not live together (yet at least) but we are in Copenhagen on work and always share room.

I woke up before Linn did and the first thing that hit my Instagram feed was a Vogue Homme post with Harry Styles latest looks, one more amazing than the other. So I started doing some bed bound research. Harry Styles style really has gone from brit boy band to rockstar in the 70s in no time at all. We all know that he is Alessandro Michele (Gucci’s creative director to you who has been living under a rock the past years, sorry to be harsh but no-one could have missed out on Mr Michele) muse since a while back and starred in several campaigns mostly wearing suits, but also carrying baby lambs.

Image via Gucci
Image via Gucci

Harry Styles himself hasn’t paid much attention to social media since he was a member of One Direction. I won’t be getting in any further into that since I never was a Directioner myself. But a couple of weeks ago Harry started posting more on his own instagram account about the upcoming tour he is doing next year, also called Love on Tour.

And I don’t know about you but I am not only feeling like listening to his new album but also getting me some flare trousers and frill blouses.

Image via Harry Styles

Harry Styles in Gucci on the Met Gala via Gucci
Image via Vogue Homme

And once again the proof of what a good stylist can do to a performer smacks me. Would Harry Styles be able to get out of the boy band bubble without all those wide collar blazers and frilly shirts? Maybe, but the road would have been longer and also perhaps a bit more difficult. Today his music is not only telling us that he is no longer the boy who made it in X factor (although the speculation about Larry Stylinson are definitely still on the table) but that he is a well worked-through artist on the rise.

Published 22/11/2019

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