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Fashion week and all its offshots are done for this season. The intensity of the shows, cocktails, parties, afterparties and after-afterparties is long gone, leaving us with tons of new influences that will keep us energized for the rest of the ……week, at least. This is the talk of the Cyber-town Rn.

We’re Having a Blue Period

If Ib Kamara has the last word, Klein Blue is The colour of spring 2023.

In his debut collection as art and image director of Off-White, Ib payed tribute to his predecessor “V”, the late Virgil Abloh, with a lineup of imaginative outfits showcased on a blue carpet.

The models were sent out on the catwalk dressed top to toe in the strongest of blues (as well as looks in contrasting black and white, but hey that’s another story) as Kamara plans to make the colour a core element of the brand’s identity.

Someone call Pantone head office and tell them Off-White Blue is the colour of the year, not Digital Lavender?

Images courtesy of Off-White.

Blow-up Frames

Image courtesy @giuliabraide

According to the Hobnob style book frames are generally worn as the icing on an extra-everything cake.

Just when all memories of lazy summer days, sipping on cool drinks while lounging on inflatable mattresses have vanished and gone, Loewe reminds us of …. oh yes, the inflatable frame. A piece of eyewear in every way irrational yet completely irresistible.

Image courtesy Imaxtree.

The sheer shape and confidence needed to sport such extraordinary sunglasses are enough of a statement. However, according to the Hobnob style book frames are generally worn as the icing on an extra-everything cake, so we’ll probably pair the Mask, the Rectangular and the Cateye with a voluminous, kick colour puffer jacket. With a refreshing nod to surrealism, more is still more AW 22/23.

Making Men Beautiful Again

It would be quite an exaggeration to state that Simone Rochas did for London Fashion Week what Coperni did for PFW. But, even so, it was truly a memorable catwalk moment when Hobnob favourite Rochas for the very first time sent out male models alongside her female muses, as the brand launched its debut menswear SS 2023 collection.

Simone Rochas’ stepping up the menswear game with oversized bombers and the big pearl man-bag.

Let’s make way for men in sheer tulle, lace frills and exquisite flower embroideries. The future of boyfriend- wear is here and it’s romantic.

Images via Hypebeast and BoF.

Big Little Things

Massproduction keeps pushing out state of the art furniture – and state of the art slogans. Starting with the brand motto ”I’m Slow” (say it, feel it!) they’re now adding ”The Little Things” to their sometimes colourful and always crafted vocabulary. Chris Martin, Designer in Chief, has obviously had some extra fun lately playing with scale. The result is a collection of quite serious objects; accessories and smaller furniture to spice up your home or office space.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is massproductions-furniture-design-little-things-1024x675.png
Image courtesy @massproductions

We fell in love with the charming Silo Winerack and are finally starting to build our compact Hobnob wine cellar. The Villa La Madonna Rossa reports the 3.87 degree inclination is just the perfect resting position for her (wine) body.

Published 28/10/2022

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