What’s Up in Cyber This Week?

Published 02/04/2020
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This week in cyber stands out from all the other cyber weeks we’ve done. Although it feels like this will be the new normal.

When our favorite physical places shuts down, some of our favorite cyber space personas make sure the loss doesn’t feel that huge. Some even try to help you bring that physical place home.

Frederik Billie Brahe’s recipes on Instagram

The most grammed bread ever

I don’t know if you have missed this, but I have for sure not. This has been circulating on my insta stories for weeks now. And I can’t understand how I haven’t made this famous banana bred yet. Fredrik Billie Brahe, the founder and owner of Apollo Bar and Atelier September is sharing lots of his iconic recipes from his Copenhagen based restaurants.

Find the famous Atelier September granola here.

Or a delicious porridge for tomorrows breakfast?

How about a chocolate and caramel tart almost as Pierre Jancou does it?

Or beans and pasta for tonights dinner?

Bolon Lab store launches live talks @ Instagram

Tomorrow at 12pm Bolon Lab Store launches their first of four live talks on Instagram.

Annica Eklund, creative director of design company Bolon (and my mom hehe), will interview four different people in four different areas within the design world. Tomorrow the first guest is Emma Olbers, an amazing interior designer, who is very focused on sustainability and have (among others) made the interior for our favorite cafe, Pom&Flora.

Tune in at Bolon Lab Store at 12pm tomorrow. You will regret it if not.

But if you will miss it, they will post the live on their IG TV.

My new favorite Instagram account


I came across Alfred Bramsen’s Instagram account yesterday and I can’t stop scrolling. His entire universe (and blue kitchen) is everything I missed in my feed. I just want to go home and repaint my whole apartment.

A good quarantine project.

Follow him here.

Working out at home, a 1980s thing or a 2020s thing?

Standing in front of your TV, in full neon spandex, doing high kicks was real trendy back in the 80s. But with the rise of exclusive membership studios it seems like we have forgotten how easy it is to do your everyday workout at home. The world dominating quarantine we live in right now however seems to have at least influencers remembering exactly that.

Myself? Well, it’s closer to my kitchen office from my living room gym than it is to the actual gym so here I am, in full neon spandex ready to at least keep in a bit of shape during these times.

Here are a some of my favorite Youtube classes.

Published 02/04/2020

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