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Published 14/10/2019
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Glossier launching a serum hybrid

I know, hybrids are not just electric cars, I was in chock too. According to Glossier founder Emily Weiss the Futuredew is “an oil serum hybrid with the perfect texture and dew factor“. And something one must try for the ultimate dewy look. *running over the keyboard to add to basket*. We will be back with a review.

Or why wait? Try for yourself and get back to us.

The read:
Is the best look of fall a blazer and a baseball cap?

The Cut nails it again regarding the look, we all love right now, of the wealthy, sinister businessmen who want to seem laid-back. Read here.

Hailey Bieber for Vogue Paris.

JW Anderson for Uniqlo

Mark October 17th in your calendar (that’s Thursday for all you confused (that’s me)) for the fall drop of JW Anderson for Uniqlo. There will be reversible puffers, plaid and fleece. All you need for fall.

What fashion on YouTube should be

As the most non-millennial millennial on YouTube this is all I like to consume on the Tube.

Outfit of The Week

I tend to save every look of Instagram with people wearing heavy boots in a chic way. I feel like it gives me strength for the upcoming winter months. Like I know December in Scandinavia won’t allow me to wear a boiler suit with boots unless it’s a down version but hey let a girl dream!

Published 14/10/2019

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