What’s in my imaginary grocery (sale) bag this week

I have totally lost it this week. I can’t handle all the crazy good stuff on sale??? It’s the same routine every year. I start summer by saying “no sale shopping this year, wait until the fall treasures arrives” AND THEN… I suddenly have 83659 pieces in my basket ready to be checked out. What happened with the character miss??? Ahhhh this is so freaking hard.

Published 24/07/2019
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One word: HATS.

I think I’ve lost it in this area of clothing. I just talked to Fanny over the phone and she said “No Linn, you can’t buy another one!!!” But I might have done it anyway. (And it might have been the one to the right). And as hats never make it out of time, I find it a really good investment (and SPF) for further sunny summers.

Hat, Etro via Farfetch.


50% Now: 175€

Lola hats

60% Now: 205€


30% Now: 97€

Cecilie Bahnsen

50% Now: 274€

Everything from Loewe SS19

Picture via Vogue.
Picture via Vogue.

I guess I don’t have to explain why this is in my grocery bag this week… Imagine this dress in my way to the beach in Nice next weekend. No Linn, don’t even dare.

Find it here on Net-a-porter.

Find the shirt here and the pants here on 60%, also on Net-a-porter.

Solid & Striped

As we’re talking about hats, rn is also a perfect time to catch some swimwear during sales. As though we’re only halfway through summer. And especially Solid & Striped, who probably got the best swimwear in the world – and are now on 50-60% on all the top sites atm. I’m on my way to get this one as I’m going to Nice with friends on Friday, am I the only one who loves “next day delivery”???

Check mate

Solid & Striped

Pink panther

Solid & Striped

Pink Panther

Solid & Striped

Batik party

Solid & Striped

Swimming flames

Solid & Striped

Out boating

Solid & Striped

Out boating pt.II

Solid & Striped

And next destination: COWBOY BOOTS.

… Or more specific, these ones from Calvin Klein in baby blue.

I’ve had my eye on these ones since (what feels like) a decade. I think this model of boots its the ultimate mix of chunky Parisian and elegant Cowboy. But the brake point came this early spring during Paris fashion week when me and Fanny sat outside at La Perle, when a crazy cool French girl fell over me in these ones. Now when I think about it, I have to have them. But yet I can’t motivate only 30% off, they have to be at least 50%. Right???

Find them on Mytheresa here.

Published 24/07/2019

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