What you will be wearing this spring according to Milan Fashion Week

AKA the best shows of Milan Fashion Week

Published 25/09/2019
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Oh Lord have mercy on my soul how I love Prada. And I am so excited to see Prada go back to their roots of femininity and patterns and away from neon and logos. Don’t get me wrong, I like me some logos too but Muiccia Prada is one of a kind, logos are not. This feels like Prada in the late 90s early 00s.

Jil Sander

I guess I have always appreciated Jil Sanders maturity, but haven’t seen it as something for me. This season I could really picture myself in a lot of the looks. Am I getting older (trick question of course I am) or is Jil getting ultra modern again? Could be both.



Seriously, tone-in-tone has felt a bit done lately, but doing the show all tone-in-tone actually felt brand new at the Max Mara show? Loving the crayon look. And happy to see something else then dominant beige at Max Mara.


I don’t say this a lot (is what everyone says that is saying what they are about to say, a lot right?) but I would wear every single look that Fendi sent down the runway. Silvia Venturini Fendi described the collection to Vouge as “a solar mood”: that anxiety-free state of sun-kissed, serotonin-boosted, high-summer bliss that the Italians—with their enviably long August holiday—know exactly how to cultivate” and there is nothing left to say but that this Swede wants to get in.

Bottega Veneta

The without a doubt most social media covered show of Milan Fashion Week. And it’s too early to say now, but maybe of all fashion month? The crowd just can’t get enough of Daniel Lee and it’s not that hard to see why.


Marni is mixing patterns and big silhouettes like I think I can but end up looking like some aunt of a friend who likes FASCHION. Nothing wrong with it, but the result it not as effortless as I’d like it to be. However, if I just copy + paste these looks maybe I’ll be fine. I can start with that coat.


What I loved most about Gucci was that I got a tiny bit surprised. I was expecting something weird, but got something slightly more wearable. And at the same time as I felt like I still was in the fantasy world of Alessandro Michele, I also got some vintage Gucci vibes from the show. More horse references then any other collection and we also got a hint of the square G from the Tom Ford era.


Missoni is to me one of the fashion houses that never compromise on their heritage. And today, with all designers wanting to make their mark so bad, sticking with brand identity is a true luxury.


Oh yes, speaking of sticking to their heritage. Versace and Donatella knows nothing else. And letting J.Lo walking down the runway wearing a hommage to the same dress she broke the internet with the year of 2000 before that even was a an inter-net to break is proof.

Also yes, I would wear that leather blazer dress to dinner tonight.

If I ever went on a safari and then direct to a jungle dinner these two outfits are exactly what I would wear.

Dolce & Gabbana

All images via Vogue Runway.

Published 25/09/2019

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