What Will Happen Now?

Image via Dr. Twyla Baker

We have spent these past couple of weeks discussing and reflecting on what we need to do in order to become the allies the BIPOC community deserves. We haven’t done near enough work regarding racism – neither in society or in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, we can’t change the past – but we’ll do everything in our power to make a change and educate ourselves further from now on. Not only today, or next week. But for the long run.

We will make sure to do better and keep supporting BIPOC-owned brands and creators, along with working from within the Hobnob team to make a change. It’s not a trend for us.
It’s a wake up call. We have to take loud part of this, it’s not enough to not be racist
– we have to be vocal anti-racists.

It’s important for us that you know this before we start posting again. That even though we’ll publish our favorite accessories and our best summer looks – we’ll still be working with ourselves as well as this platform. Both online and offline. Officially and behind the scenes.
To take accountability is to critique ourselves and the work that we’ve done honestly and thoroughly in order to make a change and move forward accordingly.

We are therefore looking for more contributors.
Please email
[email protected] and send your resume if you’d be interested in writing for Hobnob. We’re truly looking forward to hearing from you.

Remember that just because it’s not all over everyone’s Instagram feed anymore, it’s still happening and has been happening for way too long.

So, keep educating yourself, keep listening to the stories and voices of the BIPOC communities, we know we will. And make sure that your allyship isn’t performative. To be an ally is to dedicate yourself to be anti-racist for life. It’s not something that happens over night – it’s investing time, having the uncomfortable conversations (yes, with yourself as well) and to not see the world through privilege.

Also, we want to take the opportunity to thank our amazing community. You’ve been sending us guidance and support – even though it’s not your job, and for that we are forever grateful. We’re proud to have such amazing readers. You’re the best.

The Hobnob Team

Published 15/06/2020

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