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Published 08/12/2022
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What to wear to a New Year’s Eve party in the mountains, is a frequently asked question at the Hobnob Office. Beach parties for the last night of the year are great, but there is nothing quite like watching a new year begin on the top of a snow-dressed mountain top. However, this privilege does come with a great challenge too. It’s true that cold makes your sartorial choices a bit slim but hey, let’s look at this minor problem from a more fun POV: this challenge can make a traditional party piece more interesting and nothing says conversation starter like a faux fur dress or a balaclava to your sequins gown. We should know. 

At first, a full-length bustier sequin gown with a peplum shape may not seem like the given option for a New Year’s party in the alps, but it would be wrong not to consider it. Because worn together with a cashmere cable knit with a matching balaclava it’s not only warm but eternally chic, no? Sunglasses are optional though, but we would recommend you to top the ensemble with moon boots (and this goes for anything sparkling and full-length) because nobody will look at your feet. 

Dress, H&M Metaverse
Cashmere cable knit, Stella McCartney
Balaclava, Arket
Sunglasses, Chanel

Cashmere cable knit sweater & scarf, Viktoria Chan
Sequin skirt, Rodebjer

Let’s say you are not that into balaclavas (which would a shame) than might we suggest you accessorize with an extra-long cashmere scarf? Obviously with a matching cashmere sweater in a thin cable pattern. This look would be a little more low-key version of the sequin look above. It’s ticking all the boxes, yet has a more chill approach to the silhouette (as chill as full-length sequins can be). The same goes here, the Moon Boots will win the battle of the frozen toes in a watching New Year’s Eve fireworks battle. We rarely compromise when it comes to shoes, but in this situation we absolutely do. 

“At first, a full-length bustier sequin gown with a peplum shape may not seem like the given option for a New Year’s party in the alps, but it would be wrong not to consider it”

Calling all cowgirls! For a more leisurely type of New Year’s Eve, go all-in with the outerwear. In the alps, people love to spend time outside so don’t be surprised if the pre-drink is hot and around a bonfire somewhere with a million stars watching you. A chic coat can play the role of a really good dress in these cases. Don’t forget to add something sequinned, may we suggest a sequin beret? 

Coat, By Malene Birger
White jeans, The Row
Sequin beret, & Other Stories
Fury boots, Manolo Blahnik

Dress, H&M Metaverse
Faux fur boots, Miu Miu
Cable knit, vintage

As for the mini dresses. The last party of the year always contains a lot of mini dresses. But with the legs exposed you risk actually freezing them off. And I would like to enter 2023 with both of my legs, please. The solution to this problem is borrowed from our friend from a galaxy far far away, the Star Wars character Chewbacca. Some may say it’s from the Ewoks, but we call Chewbacca. Really it doesn’t matter, as long as the boots are knee-high and (faux)fury. 

Faux fur dress, Stand
Knit sweater, COS
Sunglasses, Chanel

Last gondola up to the top for 2022? Layering a thin-strap dress with a luxe alpaca knit is a no-brainer. Even if the dress is made out of faux fur.

Published 08/12/2022

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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