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Published 22/09/2020
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Browsing around cyber is fun, but only letting your algorithm take you to places you might like because you like a bunch of other stuff that is similar can be pretty monotonic. So, here is my map for blissful browsing this afternoon.


September 24th at 10 am the H&M Studio Collection will be available for purchase. A mere disco ball in an ocean of beige cashmere balls it seems right now. Beige and grey and all the other neutrals are great and all, but sometimes a girl just needs a glitter suit and a turquoise organza Shakespear blouse, you know?

See the full collection here.

Image courtesy of H&M


The shows of Spring Summer 2021 are falling like apples from a tree these days but not in the way that we are used to. Physical fashion weeks are still taking place, but not nearly as much as usual.

Cathy Horyn wrote a piece for The Cut about how four-year-old brand Khaite has managed the difficult times and how that has affected the collection that they have produced during that time.

Khaite’s founder Catherine Holstein told Cathy that “…”There’s been some feedback to the collection. Whoa, this is so dark.” She laughed. “This isn’t even as dark as I could go.” ”

I am thrilled to see the collections of the European brands that are next up on the calendar and see their interpretation of the times we are in.

Read the full interview on The Cut here.

Image courtesy of Khaite
Image courtesy of Khaite
Image courtesy of HBO


So Lena Dunham posted a quote from her TV-series Girls a few days ago and at least 10 of my friends on Instagram shared it in their stories.

The past year’s lack of socializing sure has been rough on people. Less time talking and more time browsing has sure made me feel a bit fried. I think the big problems our society has with algorithms has made this even worse. Does anybody actually get content that gives them new angles of approach? U-h-u. Before this, when we were out, talking, discussing at least we got some new angles of approach.

Of course, the problem still existed and it was problematic back then too. But without the everyday influences by other opinions than our own, it comes as no surprise that our intellect feels a bit chipped, now that we are back socializing again.

The solution? It’s OK to change your opinion on something after learning new information.


Fanfiction series Ratched by Ryan Murphy about the horror nurse Rachel Ratched.

Why watch it? Well, if you are an American Horror Story-fan like myself, watch if because of the very Ryan Murphy esque storytelling and the world that just keeps dragging you into it. Also, the costume and set design are very satisfying.

‘Ratched’, an Original Netflix Series by Ryan Murphy.


Naomi Anwerr. Danish cool-girl Naomi has been a favorite of mine on Instagram for quite some time. She makes me want to wear big trench coats and wellies and drink natural wine outdoors.

Follow Naomi here.

Image courtesy of Time Magazine


The passing of legendary RBG last week has been a tough one for the world to handle. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court and THE gender equality fighter will go to history as one of the coolest humans ever to put it in a very millennial way.

Need to up your knowledge about RGB?

What the documentary ‘RBG’ here.

Watch the dramatization made about her life, ‘The basis of sex’ written by her nephew, Daniel Stiepleman, here.

Get her autobiography here.

“I ask no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Published 22/09/2020

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