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Published 07/02/2020
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First week of February, check! Remember how you didn’t see how anyone would do January and now we are already going for middle of February? It’s crazy how time flies, one blink and we are standing here you and me wearing Bermuda shorts and strap sandals.

JK!! This is the most horrid time of the year. I am not dressing to look good rn I am dressing for survival. Sounds inspiring? Well it’s really not.
In times like these one can only do one thing, turn to Instagram and social media.

I am a frequent user of the save button (what did I even do before that one came along??) and love looking at what other people have saved. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine? Or actually I’ll just show you mine.

Les Beiges

Nike Felldin for Arket SS20.
Pernille Teisbaek in beige for ELLE Denmark.

I have a weird relationship with beige. I don’t actually like it, but when I don’t feel like wearing lots of colors I always turn to it. Maybe because I come off too hard in too much black and because grey is just a non color.

My next mountain look

Ok grey wool is fine. But only topped with really good accessories like a faux fur hat.

I am going to the mountains again in a couple of weeks and would just love to wear this combination for a lunch or an afternoon at the spa. Which I never do.

My mountain looks contain mostly tights, chunky knits and bad helmet hair but let a girl dream for once huh.

Look courtesy of Nadiia Shapoval

Beauty inspiration from Sarah Feingold

Beauty look of the week

I love following Sarah Feingold because she always makes me want to push my beauty looks. I rarely do though except when I have lots of time or a professional helping me. But the thing is to be inspired to do it.

Helle Mardahl

Furniture or candy?

Helle Mardahl is the it designer of Copenhagen right now. Helle makes furniture but also glass art. You might know her by the small glass sculptures that looks like pastries. If not, click here.

Time to crochet (again)

I will be honest with you. The boho era of the late 00s nearly destroyed my relationship with crochet forever. No matter what I do, the first thing I see thinking of crochet is beige tiny crochet dresses on girls with hair down to their waist running around a wheat field in burning golden hour.

Rescue me, please.

Ganni is doing a good job working away from this with their collaboration with Lulu Kaalund. I need to pick up crocheting.

Linda Tol with stylish friends.

Ok with the beige again. But look how amazing beige is with very bright green. Genius combo.

Oh what, am I wearing beige and green today?? Maybe.

Published 07/02/2020

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