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Published 02/09/2020
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The fashion industry is back after a long summer off, doing social distancing things. Autumn means back to school and of course everyone needs to make up for lost time by launching new products and collaborations.

Byredo launches make-up October 1st

Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director of Byredo has had something cooking for a couple of years now. Rumor has it that it was to be a completely new product line, but who knew it was make-up?

In a PM today he stated:

“I’ve always wanted to redefine the approach to creating a makeup collection. I don’t want to tell people how to wear the cosmetics, just to inspire them. For example, some of our first products are simply sticks of colour – colours that are universally beautiful and to be worn in whichever way you like.(…) Byredo can be anything –
that is what we are trying to establish.”

We know we will be hitting refresh on all morning the 1st of October.

House of Dagmar SS21 collection with Maggie Maurer styled by Linn Hägglund and shot by Jesse Laitinen.

Stockholm Fashion Week in Cyber

The Swedish fashion week relaunched this season but with a new take. All shows were put on one platform and all brands had a slot where they got to talk about their SS21 collection. This initiate was highly appreciated by both visitors (or viewers?? idk) and the showing brands.

Did you miss out? See everything in hindsight here.

Adidas x Prada

Has someone missed out on the news that Raf Simons has joined Miuccia Prada as creative director of Prada? Didn’t think so. Yesterday Prada announced that the collaboration they initiated with Adidas last fall will continue. The exclusive collaboration will arrive in three different colors online and in stores September 8th.

Good dresses but even better wine?

Rosie Assoulin has had us longing for her amazing pieces for years now. Like seriously if I were to buy only one dress to wear for the rest of my life it would be a Rosie Assoulin. Now, nobody has offered me that kind of agreement so I guess I will have to settle with a bottle of Rosie’s natural wine instead.

Follow Vivanterre here for updates on places of purchase.

Jacquemus second book launches

Anyone who follow Simon Porte Jacquemus on instagram know that he loves to capture everyday happenings and details. Now he has turned all these photos or 321 of 85 041, into a book. The book is called Images, nothing less and nothing more and is available now.

Shop here.

Trine Kjær x NAKD

Danish influencer and cool-girl Trine Kjær launched her first collection for Sweden based clothing company Na-kd this week. A collection filled with typical danish girl colors (pastels that is) big collars and oversized silhouettes.

Shop full collection here.

Published 02/09/2020

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