What I’ve been wearing for the past week? I’m glad you asked

Published 02/10/2019
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This absurd looking knitted sweater with faux fur patches is from a sample sale, and it didn’t go into production. Unfortunately. The skirt is Second hand. The look on my face is vintage.


I do not know how I’ve made it this far without this new jacket that I bought last week. I feel like I can wear it with anything? This week I took the easy way out though, and paired it with Levis denim and a very colorful bag and shoes.

Blouse Sample, pants and heels Zara


On Thursday I felt like wearing a rainbow. So I did. On both my pants and my purse. Which by the way is by far my most used one, and it’s actually a kids bag that I got with a pair of shoes that I bought on a market in Istanbul. So now you know that.


I was actually really feeling autumn this day so the puffer vest that I bought second hand made a comeback from earlier this spring when I last wore it. This day however, I wore it with a Second hand leather coat and sock boots from Zara.

Dress Ganni
Stockings Swedish stockings x Ganni
Heels Second Hand


Along came Saturday and my greed for a glass (or a couple) of wine was just as big as my urge to wear animal print on animal print.

Sunday (& Monday)

Sunday was just as grey as this coat is big. I think I might hide inside of it this entire fall. I started with two days in a row. It’s the most oversized piece in my closet, and I can even fit the knitted sweater that I wore earlier this week. You know, the one that is furry. And that’s not a bad thing.

Coat and heels Second hand, Bag Nelly.com

Published 02/10/2019

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