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Published 16/05/2020
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This goes in periods in my life. Whenever I feel inspired I save lots, lots and lots from IG. And ofc I doesn’t sort them, so everything is in a major mess. I’ve heard people have folders for every single topic, like nails/make up/outfits/interor, is that true?? It gets me goosebumps just to think about it. Well, I am for sure not that kind of person. I like when its a creative mess. Not a complete mess, a creative mess.

However, the latest week Instagram have actually treated me with lots of inspiring stuff. And here it is, served very hot, so be careful.

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wisdom borrowed from @subliming.jpg 🔮

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Read this, and bring it with you.


Nicole is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Love her style (which is so cool and a mix of everything – I basically want everything she’s wearing.) and I also love her view of life.

Just the other day she posted a very important and inspiring photo (or if it was story) on instagram. She had contacted a few of her favorite brands to see if they were interested to collaborate with her for a small project to the health care, as they of course wanted. So she put maybe 20-30 goodie bags and handled them out to nurses and doctors at different hospitals who are fighting for Covid-19. How amazing isn’t that??? I got so touched and inspired from this, that we are doing something similar soon with Hobnob. One person can’t do everything, but we can for sure do small things.

Anything crochet

Yes, I have absolutely grown a love for crochet stuff lately.

This really gives me childhood memories. Did you also had crochet hats? I had one shaped and knitted as a strawberry, it was sooo cute and I loved it. I feel that Helmstedt could really do something like that today, haha.

However, for a couple of weeks now I have craved a crochet oversized cardigan, but then I came across the Instagram account @gimmie_kaya, saw this skirt, and came straight to crochet heaven.

Now I need both a crochet cardigan AND skirt. Damn it.

Our Hobnob girl crush Simone Noa is making mirror art!!

Yes I know you have been waiting for this. Or at least I have. Simone does amazing mirror art and you have to check her new account only dedicated to that here.

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Untitled, 2020. 60X80 cm.

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My mood right now.

Life situation is pretty shit rn, I think we all can agree on that.

But one of the very few good things that has come out from this is that I have been so focused on getting our apartment finished. And I feel we are getting closer and closer to a house tour now!!! Anyone excited for that?

More great SATC quotes here. (Yes, I am addicted)

The make up of my dreams

Like a field of flowers, but on the eyelids. I will for sure try to do this for Swedish midsummer in a month.

Weekend party on the table

via Alfred Bramsen.

The amazing Simone Rocha dress.
The jumping unicorn candle holder.
And the party on the table.

Will definitely copy paste the last one tonight.

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APPLE BLAZER via @simonett #lavestelaveste

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The blazer dream

Signed by La Veste. Of course.

Can’t decide whether I love the blazer or the flower arrangement the most in this picture. However – everything is AMAZING.

Published 16/05/2020

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