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Ever since Instagram launched the “saved” feature it has saved my life a couple of thousands time. Whenever I have lack of inspiration I head over to my all messy folder and see what I saved lately. Fanny she is, of course, very organized and map everything up after themes like “hair do” “nails” “wedding” “outfits”. I get so stressed when I realize mine is all of a mess, but yet still as inspiring (I think) haha.

I also love to see what my friends have saved, as we all follow different accounts and get inspired from various things. So I thought I share my latest with you guys.

Published 30/09/2019
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I have recently got very obsessed with braids. As I have the thickest hair in Stockholm, this is a very convenient hair style. Right?? As it’s post fashion week now (and energy level = 0) I guess this will be my go-to a couple of weeks ahead from now. Just have to get some colored hair ribbons. Love it.


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Braided 🍏

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E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (cow)girl

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Yayyyy 🤠

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Ever since I saw this picture of Marias boots I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT COW PRINT. It’s crazy beautiful, isn’t it???

And this morning when I woke up to a text from Fanny with a picture of these boots I can’t hold my hands anymore. I have to have a pair of cow printed boots. These ones from Jeffey Campbell are just wowza.


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A morning nap standing 😴

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And not only to speak about cow printed boots

Let’s talk about Blanca Miros cow printed jacket??? Oh Jesus lord. And together with turquoise blue and green. It’s just too much good in one picture. First a pair cow printed boots, then a cow printed jacket and then I’m home.

And I think we have a new family member to our accessory wardrobe this fall.


Or have I totally lost it? The last two weeks I got three (!). But with caps comes a certain aura, right? My boyfriend calls me “the trailer park girl” among his friends, so I guess I at least doing something right. However, Emili pulls off a perfect “I’m on my way from gym class but look amazing anyway” look. For me its the ultimate “I don’t wanna talk with anybody” look. So am I right it’s the perfect versatile accessory.

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Looking for the best noodles 🍜🥟

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I know Fanny have giggled about this before, but HELLO colored eyeliner!! I stood in the Sephora with my mom the other week and said out of the blue “excuse me, where can I find a blue eyeliner?”. Both me and mom looked at each other and thought what the fudge just happened. So, now I’m on the eyeliner train too! Let’s go bananas.

So, I guess my fall style will be everything cow printed, with a braided hairstyle, a cap and a orange eyeliner. What do you guys think about that??? I’m not really convinced over here yet.

Published 30/09/2019

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