What I did (and wore) last week according to my Camera roll

And I realized I already forgot half of it.

Sofa from Jotex here
Blanket from Arket
Vintage marble table
Champagne glasses H&M Home
Candle holder second hand

I already forgot about that we renovated our new HOBNOB OFFICE previous weekend, and we finished it in the beginning of last week. How amazing isn’t our new sofa??? Both the shape and color. Not to talk about the pink marble table we found on Swedish craigslist for 300€ (a catch if you ask us). Sorry Felix and Måns, me and Fanny will move in here together.

I took and old friend of my mom out for a spin – her beautiful Chloé dress she bought I think 10 years ago. I love how she have kept some pieces as memories, and now I can re-live them (as she claims she can’t fit them anymore).

Well I don’t really believe that. But I love the thought of saving special pieces who you connect with special moments or persons.

Dancing in neon

Dress old Chloé
Socks Balenciaga here
Boots Eytys here
Bag Loewe puzzle bag here

Important breakfast meetings

Baby Boyy and little Loewe have found a new weekly thing – having breakfast together at least once a week at either Café Saturnus or Café Pom and Flora. No complains from me and Fanny, we love it.

Bolon x Missoni family affair

We took the team for lunch at Ett hem. An amazing small hidden hotel in the middle of the city, who is designed by Ilse Crawford and it feels like stepping into someones private house. If you by any chance have the opportunity to go there, do it.

As you probably read in this article we launched our Bolon x Missoni home collection last Wednesday, and we had the pleasure to spend even more time with the Missoni team. I am so amazed of Rosita who is 88 years old and still the head of Missoni home, and also travels anywhere to be apart of anything that happens in the company. How much power isn’t that???

Scooter boots

I also got the chance to lay my hands on THE shoes, or more, everybodys DREAM shoes atm. But who has been sold out from the minute we saw them on the runaway. And yes, they are as comfortable as they look.

Shoes Bottega Veneta via Matches Fashion here.

Will travel for disco

Anyday of the week.

Also got my hands on this hat from the collaboration between design studio Arranging things and &Otherstories as we wrote in this article. I hade to grab a flight two hours later to Gotheburg but as I knew they only would be there for the weekend, I hade to rush by. And it was worth all the stress and sweat who came with it. Right?

Cashmere vests

Last week I found the beauty in cashmere vests again. Perfect now when we’re in transitioning weather situation, isn’t it?? Or is it only Stockholm who can’t decide what season it is?

Blouse vintage YSL
Vest vintage Burberry
Jeans Eytys
Bag Boyy Boutique
Sunglasses Gucci

My obsession of vases

Yes, its true. During tis summer I developed a obsession of beautiful (mostly) second hand vases in all different shapes and colors. This weekend in Gothenburg we celebrated my belated 24th birthday (yes, I know my birthday is 4th January) but better late than never, right?? However, then I got this blue/red/white vase from my grandmother. And I love it.

Hay design x Jessica Hans

Find it here.

Last but not least, I also got this The North Face puffer jacket from my family in belated birthday gift. Been drooling over this one since last winter, and now it will save my ass during the upcoming 10 winters (at least!!). I have literally lived in it since Saturday. And how nice isn’t it together with my disco cap and Boyy bag. Perfect for subway hiking as mountain hiking. Jackpot!

See you next week.

Published 18/09/2019

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