Dresses from NYFW I easily could see myself getting married in

Published 10/09/2019
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So, if someone missed this, I am getting married! I know, so crazy. I proposed to my boyfriend this spring and fortunately he said yes (would have been the saddest long weekend ever if the didn’t). So, when I popped the big Q I thought, huh, now it’s done. But that little question came with a lot of big ones. A true buy 1 get 23423953498 for free kind of sale.

And maybe the largest of them all, where will I find my wedding dress?


No but please save me from this dress!! My future husband won’t fit next to me when we walk down the aisle but I don’t care. He can walk just after me, I am sure he won’t mind.

Dress by Khaite.

All in or… nothing?

Try to look beyond the (cool) hair accident going on. I know it’s hard. But just look at the dress. And then you add some Poppy Kalas flower action. Could be something, right? I am not much for deep necks, so the tiny turtleneck is perfect and the shoulder frills are just so dramatic.

Dress by Christopher John Rogers.

Am I a Helmut Lang bride?

I am gonna answer my own question and say no. Helmut Lang’s 90s minimalism is not really me, but I do appreciate the simplicity.

Walking down the aisle in this sleeveless piece would be so effing elegant I could terrify myself. Also, I don’t know if my future husband would recognize me. After all I did wear three skirts layered on one another on our second date.

I am unconventional, right?

This blazer dress with big tie details in the back were all over my instagram story yesterday and I though to myself, hey this could actually be something?? I knew I wanted an unconventional wedding dress, but I didn’t know I was even open for a short one.
Dress, Carolina Herrera

Apparently I have the bride gene

Yes, so if the mini Herrera blazer is unconventional this might be very conventional in my measurements. But look how pretty!!!

And the fringe action, hellooooo drama walking down the aisle. Like a short dress and a long dress all into one. And you already know I am a sucker for the high neckline.

Dress, Zimmerman

Images via Vogue Runway.

Published 10/09/2019

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