We took an outfit picture everytime we passed the reception mirror

Published 20/10/2019
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“We were supposed to only go to Paris fashion week this season, but then realized very last minute we had to pay a quick stop to Milan before that. So we booked really cheap flight tickets and a really cheap hotel, and it turned out to be the best decision in a long time.”

We really had the best trip. Ate so much pasta we almost couldn’t walk, drank lot’s of wine, met our girl crush @Wannacoo and went to a little too good outlets. Yes, we shopped a lot. We also took a mirror selfie every time we passed the reception, and this is what we wore everytime we left the hotel.

First night out look

You know when you’re really excited when coming to a new place, with two full suitcases, and have to decide what to put on the first night out. You want to wear everything cause you are just so excited!!! But also doesn’t really want to put to much time on it, because you just want to leave asap and find the closest Aperól Spritz you can find.

City ready

Dosen’t we look like real tourists??? With the hat and pullover vest?? I think it is hard to find good city looks, especially when you’re about to pass 283465 vintage stores and have to have easy clothes to pull off and on. You recognize the struggle, right??

The secret is no layers. And I now, it’s tough. But the sport is to have as few pieces as possible.

Fanny is wearing knitted set from Asos, pullover vest from Arket, boots Gestuz and sunglasses Gucci.

I am wearing hat + bag from Chanel via Vestiaire Collective, trousers Acne Studios, sweater unknown and sneakers Nike P-6000.

Pre drinks

Ultimate pasta look

I bought this grandma pyjama at Humana second hand in Milan, and I literally felt like I woke up and went straight to dinner. So convenient pasta look. But I made it a little less sleepy with Bottega Veneta pumps, Arket leather blazer and my purple Chanel bag.

“Wine with friends” look

Fanny went a little bit more chic with mini skirt from Uniqlo, high boots &OtherStories and mini bag from Boyy Boutique.

Morning after drinks

The bags under our eyes are not Bottega.

The faces of two glasses of wine and tons of sleep. Yes nowadays we’re old ladies when traveling. Can’t really brag about my tan here either.

Fanny literally never took her skirt and boots off, but she changed to wearing a vintage shirt and grandpa pullover from Arket.

I went from PJ’s to blue cashmere from Cos, leather shorts Arket and snake boots from Mango.

The Boyy girls

Just as we love to match nails, we can’t help ourselves to not accidentally also match our bags. It’s like grown up version of best friends necklaces, right?

However, I got a new love for wearing my baby doll Cecilie Bahnsen dresses over jeans, and Fanny has (what it seems like) a never ending love for wearing full leather looks. So this is how we looked the day we went around on showroom appointments.

Lemon curd look

Leather jacket Asos
Skirt Cos
Vintage shirt + sunglasses
Matching phone case Apple

Final night out

This is a typical “we have already packed our suit cases, but forgot we need to get dressed for one last dinner” and just takes what’s laying on top of everything.

I made a good soup of a denim Fendi jacket, and same leather shorts from Arket + snake boots from Mango.

Fanny dedicated the evening to her new bargain!! Grandpa slippers from Céline, together with matrix coat from Asos and chunky socks.

Until next time Milano

Published 20/10/2019

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