Image The locals via British Vogue

We have spotted the best streetstyle looks from Cph Fashion week

Published 05/02/2020
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Ofc we had to. Too many good looks not to.

Some people call it a crazy circus, and some call it work, and few finds it as the best inspiration spot in the world. I say I’d go for all of the previous three. I just love it! Fashion weeks and the streetstyle culture is a crazy circus, it is work and it is hell as inspiring! And here are all our favorite looks we spotted at Copenhagen fashion week.

Puffer jacket with matching puffer scarf

Isn’t this the most convenient look for any Scandinavian citizen??? I will copy this look as fast as the thermometer shows below 0. According to the forecast it is TOMORROW. Will have to visit The North Face and try on this scarf the first thing this afternoon.

Image The locals via British Vogue

Leather trench coat in ORANGE.

Seen on ever so colorful Hanna Stefansson.

The oversized suit

Image The locals via British Vogue

We have never ever seen so many The Franke shop suits in one place before. Not kidding. But I understand, I am craving one too.


Image The locals via British Vogue

I woke up to Fannys scream one morning, and that was because she saw Sporty&Rich had a popup shop in Copenhagen during the week. Unfortunately we didn’t make it, but now on the other hand we just subscribed to the launch of new products on the 21th Feb. Can’t wait.


The head scarf

After the Jacquemus show last week I guess this will continue be the it-trend this spring. Fanny is a big fan, I guess I will jump on the train very soon aswell. The styling in general in this look is very Hobnob, love it.


The cowboy hat is always a great idea


At least if you ask us! Together with sports pants and dirty fluffy mules.


I present to you

the benefits

of carrying TWO bags

1. Twice as much space

2. One is only for snacks

Twinning is winning


The winners in this category are, by far, Thora Vladimir and Jeanette Madsen. And I don’t hate the looks, it could be me going to party to the left and me going to Sunday brunch to the right. But anyhow the looks look great together, indeed??

Next up: Paris fashion week

Published 05/02/2020

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