We asked 8 friends what they are wearing for midsummer

End of June does not only mark mid year, it’s also the time when all Scandis celebrate midsummer. It’s kind of confusing since summer usually doesn’t begin until after midsummer… The typical midsummer weather in Sweden is usually the same as on Christmas eve – pretty disappointing right? Not the summer dream you’d think. But this is something every swede forgets. It’s like when you are having a baby (I am not sure of this, since I never gave birth, but I imagine this is the case) you are in extreme pain, but then you forget about it and only remember the good part and by the time you are having your second child you are just super excited again. Sorry, was that a weird comparison?

That’s what midsummer is like. Just a fudging summer bliss! So, since this glorious day is only a couple of weeks away (we celebrate this on Friday June 21st) we asked some of our coolest friends what they will be wearing. It’s a huge discussion here in Scandi-land this time of year I can, let me tell you.

What are you wearing for midsummer?

Lowe Olsen is a freelance designer, living in Stockholm with her boyfriend and dog Jerry.

 “For midsummer this year I really feel like looking like a cupcake. I made this dress, and styling it with this vintage blouse, really completed it, right?”

Dress, Lowe made it herself. Blouse, vintage. Flip flops, Havaianas.

“It’s gonna be a three day party”
– Linn Eklund, midsummer poster girl

Dress, Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik.

Linn Eklund, co-founder of Hobnob Journal and midsummer poster girl (she claims this herself).

“This midsummer, just like the three last ones, I’ll be celebrating in my home town with 20 of my closest friends. We are having a three day party starting on Thursday, when everybody arrives. It’s gonna be themed parties, water skiing, beer pong tournaments and of course some dancing around the midsummer pole (weird I know)! What I’ll be wearing will be totally inappropriate for all that, but I love dressing up for midsummer, it’s the best part.”

Carin McCormac, head of feelings and content at ATP Atelier, when she’s not busy with writing for Hobnob Journal and walking her dog Abie.

“I have been busy feeling feelings the last few months, so looking for new decorations to put in the Christmas tree that is my body, has not been a priority. What I’m saying is, I haven’t been very interested in clothes. But you know, it’s amazing what a blue knitted mesh polo shirt can do for one’s appetite for fashun. This one, from COS, gave me a real craving for it. I have no idea what I’m doing for Midsummer but I’ve never been one to dress for the occasion/weather/terrain. I once wore 5 inch heels to a garden party on a hill. Like, a steep fucking hill. Obviously, I sat down for most of it.”

Polo, COS. Pants, Acne Studios. Bag, ATP Atelier. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik. Headband, Fivestory New York.

Dress, Ida made it herself (WOW RIGHT?)

“I’ll be wearing a dress I made from an old curtain”

Ida is a Norwegian girl living in Stockholm, working as a designer. 

”Midsummer to me is all about food and friends! Also, say hi to Curt! My homemade dress that I made from an old curtain. Pun intended. We will be celebrating midsummer together on the streets of Lisbon.”

Charlotte Manning, CQO (Chief Queen Operator) at Women’s social network Hon

“This year for midsummer I am wearing jeans because dancing like a fool is something I take very seriously. And honestly, Rodebjer has perfected the ability to “hold it all in” which means comfort AND confidence, all night long. But I promise you, I’m not boring, I also see Midsummer as an excuse to go floral crazy in all the obvious “I am new to Sweden” ways. I am planning to make a flower crown the size of the pizza I had last night, and wearing this floral top that I found on my most recent vintage hunt. It gave me immediate rookie snaps drinking vibes, so I purchased. And because I’m only half Swedish, the only white I’ll be wearing are my Canda heeled sandals from ATP Atelier, with a houndstooth bucket bag because clashing patterns is my thing! Oh- and blue eyeshadow because all the cool kids are doin it. Skål!”

Top, Stadsmissionen. Jeans, Rodebjer. Sandals, ATP Atelier. Bag, thrifted.

Saga Falk, studying Fashion Business at ESMOD in Paris

“First of all, I’ll be in Paris for PS20 market during midsummer, so there will be no high heels or tight dresses for me. However, I’d never wear that ever, so I don’t know why I bother even mentioning it… But anyway. Living in Paris has definitely made its mark on my personal style, which is casual but always feminine. Also, I’m never not going somewhere, working or studying, so comfort is key. I’m sorry to break it to you, but anyone who thinks fashion is all glamorous, is way off. It’s hard work, which calls for Birkenstocks and flowy dresses!”

Dress, H&M Conscious Collection. Jeans, Zara. Sandals, Birkenstock. Hat, Lack of Colors. Bag, Carin Wester.

Caroline Nyström, working as a project leader at FWB, but if wine and dine was a profession, she’d be the highest paid in the business.

“I always want to feel very feminine and classic, but with a twist. I would never wear something flower patterned or too girly, just because it’s midsummer. What I look forward to is just having time off with my friends and celebrate summer (finally) being here. I am going to Linn’s annual party in the south of Sweden and I just can’t wait.”

Kimberly Blevins, Model with Stockholmsgruppen and retail at ATP Atelier

“Comfort first, that’s my mantra, which in my opinion is written all over this outfit. Also, I’m al-ways cold (and don’t trust Scandi weather) so I’m wearing jeans to be safe, and a top that I easily can add a few layers to. And as you can probably tell, I am super in to beige right now – it just gives me LIFE. It feels super fresh, and it’ll be my go-to shade all summer. I’ll be spending the holiday in Copenhagen, stolling and eating my body weight in pasta, so high heels is not an option. I’m going for a ridiculously comfy sandal instead, which I know my feet will be forever grateful for.”

Top & jeans, H&M. Sunnies, Chimi Eyewear. Bag & shoes, ATP Atelier. Earrings, All Blues.

Dress, thrifted. Sunglasses, Prada. Flip Flops, Havaianas.

Fanny Ekstrand, co-founder of Hobnob Journal and anti-poster girl for midsummer. Mostly due to the humidity summer rain brings to her Italian leather shoes and the fact that she is a really bad looser (a poor quality when paired with being lousy at every board game there is. And trust me, there are always board games on midsummer).

“This midsummer I’ll be spending in Linn’s hometown, Ulricehamn. It’s gonna be all about eating strawberry cake and water skiing. My best accessory will probably be an Aperol Spritz bc HEY! it’s a long weekend and nobody is emailing me! And for my clothes, I’ll probably change a hundred times, but this dress I found in a vintage store the other day and I feel like it’s the perfect midsummer piece, works for every weather occasion too.”

Alexandra Dahlin, E-com Manager at WACAY lives in Gothenburg.

“This outfit is so me. It will be my midsummer’s outfit, but it could just as easily be my “heading to the office”-look or my “I can’t talk right now, I’m stuffing my face with croissants”-ensemble. Very dressed down, but feminine, I guess. That’s the way I like it – no matter the occasion. I would never go out and buy a new outfit that I’d wear once and never look back on. These are timeless key pieces that I will love and wear for a long time. I’m not that big on colors, but if I do wear anything other than a beige or black, I want it to pop and be the centre of attention. So, I’d say this skirt is the life of the party. The party being my outfit.”

Top, Rodebjer. Skirt, Aiayu. Sandals & sunnies, Old Celine. Ring, All Blues.

Published 11/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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