Ways to wear this seasons heaviest player: The Leather Blazer

Published 07/10/2019
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So, maybe you have been thinking about a leather blazer lately. I know I have. But like every big investment one should always think twice. Or actually about seven times. Whenever I am about to buy something that isn’t socks I always try to imagine myself wearing the piece in seven or more outfits.

Why? We should all be buying less and choose better. And although that might sound very dull, giving yourself a challenge when actually purchasing something, makes it fun. Oh god, I feel like Monica Geller telling you all that rules helps control the fun, but it sort of does!!!

And speaking of Friends, if you need one more reason to actually get that leather blazer you’ve been eyeing on. Think to yourself, what would Ross Geller do?

To wear under a vest

This might actually be the most weather approved way of wearing a leather blazer. Layering it with the second best garment investment of this fall: The Vest. But we’ll get back to the vest later.

Image: Whowhatwear.uk

90s denim + small sunglasses

How extremely hot is Julia Roberts in this photo? Holy Mother of Leather Blazers.

I love Julia in her Notting Hill era. Must dive deeper into those years.

Licorice <3 Chocolate

Hi it’s me! I love matching brown leather with black leather. Maybe because that was my ultimate hate combination as a teenager. I wouldn’t go out the door wearing brown shoes and black bag. Let’s just say I did not solve any world issues in high school.

Much different from what I am doing now. lol.

Image: Streetrends

Cargo pants, chunky boots and yes, you guessed right, a leather blazer.

The pants tuck-in-boots trick were popular during fashion month and I will agree on it being a very good idea. Not only is it 80s chic but also very appropriate for Scandinavian autumn.

Another way of wearing the leather blazer.


Unsigned label

Saint Laurent



80s lady on a rock concert -leather blazer

Oh and wool trousers. Leather and wool may be the ultimate savior for this season. I promise it’s right next up to red wine.

Athleasure loves leather

Athleasure is not over! Do you hear me! Not! Over!

It’s way to comfortable (and cool) to be going anywhere.


All leather

Image: Josefinehj

Nobody can deny a good leather suit. So, thinking about a leather blazer? Already owner to a pair of rocking leather pants? You go my friend. You deserve a full leather suit.

So still having doubts? You do know it’s a black blazer, right? Treat it as one.




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Published 07/10/2019

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