The Dork Vest’s Big Revenge

Published 16/01/2020
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I have always loved clothes. Chocker! But not only because of how they make me feel but for how they can bring out things in people and give them strength and personality in ways words not always can.

This is also why I love clothes on screen. Take any American sit-com for example. All you have are 20 minutes per episode. That translates to a 20 pages long script. How can you possible tell a story with 6 main characters and make them come to life and be unique of you don’t make us see them in a way where their personalities come to life via clothes? I can’t even watch a TV show or a movie where this is has not been taken seriously.

And the reason I say this is because of knit vests. The ultimate dorky friend symbol. No cool leading guy ever wore a knit vest. I mean, what would Chandler Bing in Friends have been without his knitted sweater vests? We will never know now, will we.

All I know is that if Friends was a 2020 show (they probable wouldn’t fat shame Monica) Chandler’s biggest sartorial dork symbol probably wouldn’t have been a knit vest. Because knit vests are cool now.

Or I am a bigger dork for saying this and sweater vests are still super uncool and I am just as uncool for thinking they are cool. You decide for yourself.

Take a style lesson from Chandler Bing

And wear you sweater vest with a shirt and some loose fit denim. This is probably the first outfit that comes to your mind when thinking Hey! Aren’t there like sweaters that are sleeveless and look like a vest. Yes there is.

Sweater vest, Arket
Jeans, Toteme
Shirt, vintage

Layered over a dress

It’s possible this is the ultimate in between season outfit ever. Because it’s not really a chunky knit over a dress that you wear because it freezing, but it’s not just a dress either because, that’s right, it is quite cold. Have I lost you?

Leather dress, Stand Studio

Your sweater vest or a tank top?

Skirt, COS
Red boots, Dorothee Schumacher

This is the French way of wear it. Quite naked but still it’s cable knit. How naked can you get. This is how I will wear it later this spring when it’s not below 0 degrees. But with leather Bermudas or maybe a little satin slip skirt and flip-flops.

With balloon sleeves

I am obsessed with shirts and tops with very wide arms. They are somehow so effortless but so instantly cool. Somehow though they can make an outfit feel quite dressed and that’s not always the look I am going for. Enter: Knit Vest.

Photographer, Annica Eklund
Retouch, Åsa Eriksson

Published 16/01/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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