Working 9 To 5 In One Suit


By Michelle Abisatou Jeng

Michelle Abisatou Jeng is a Stockholm based creative soul who just happen to share body with a very corporate real estate woman. She dresses like she feels and love to express herself via architecture and colorful clothes.

So, I just want to start off by telling you one thing: this suit is amazing. One might even say it’s magical. Like it’s really really amazing! When I put it on for the first time in the fitting room, I thought to myself “this is it! And it cannot get any better.” 

This is still true.
This suit can not get any better… the color, the fit, the cut: a m a z i n g.

This is kind of a love letter to this suit from me. And to really show you my love for it and hopefully inspire you to go find (or maybe you already own it and in that case: put on) your ultimate suit today, tomorrow and the day after that even.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Lets start with the core: THE SUIT

So, back to when I found it. When I got home I realized that what would make things even better, was the suit in combination with all the poppy-color pieces I already have in my wardrobe. This made me fall deeper in love with the suit. And its color. And my wardrobe…

Don’t you just love when you add that thing to your wardrobe that makes all the other things in your wardrobe feel new and fresh again??

So, I figured I’d share five ways that I style this one-colored (but already amazing) suit. 

Moving on
to great accessories

The suit in combination with this classy Suzan Szatmary bag makes me feel ready for almost anything; a day at the office, a dinner out on town, a night out, a vernissage etc…

Well, of course, most of the previously mentioned activities requires normal circumstances. For now, this combo will do just perfectly for my next book club meeting. Via Skype.

Oh, did I mention socks?

The combo brown and yellow made me appreciate an old pair of socks (love it when you find forgotten items in your wardrobe).

It also made me appreciate our art from Astrid Wilson.


Mixing it up with another favorite from ARKET.

Let’s add even more colors

Orange and brown

Who would’ve known how happy the combo brown and orange could make a person in 2020. This 70s combination is making a true comback for sure.

That and it makes me smile from within!

Last but not least


Ok, I guess I don’t have to caption this.

Now I’m ready for wine and olives!

Oh, how I love a suit that can form several different looks and feels. I mean, investing in a suit like this, is basically to invest in a way to (sustainably) work your way through both Monday to Friday and your wardobe without having to think too much and still, look amazing.

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Published 14/10/2020

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