Wait, How Did Pasta Become an Accessory?

Published 08/02/2020
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My family has always travelled to Italy every summer for as long as I can remember. I think one of my earliest memories from outside of Sweden was in a car (carsick) watching a dvd on our portable DVD player (everyone born after 2000 won’t remember them but they were kind of like a computer but all you could do was watch dvds) feeling like we never would get to Italy.

Since then a lot has changed. I watch tv on my iPhone now and the time it takes to travel is gift to my stressed mind. I rarely mind sitting in the car for hours.

Another thing has changed too. Pasta used to be something you ate and ate only. Now it’s photo props and something you don’t know if anyone will really eat after taking the photo.

Image via Jacynth

The earliest fashion girl working pasta as an accessory: Fran Fine Drescher.

Image via Whatfranwore

I don’t dare to say when it started but it did not take long for the entire fashion world to pose with golden pasta in delicious sauces!! Cheese and tomato seems to everyones favorite and you can’t fight cityhall. Cacio e Pepe and a flaming red arrabbiata is hard to say no to.

It’s great that food can step in for bags when an image crave a more spicy accessory, but it’s also kind of problematic that the women posting these images of plates full of pasta are very (and some are really very very very) skinny.

What kind of pressure does this put on us women?

Courtney Trop with Spaghetti.

Bella Hadid with Rigatoni.

Of course some are more committed than others in the matter. Diving into this world of good outfits with pasta as the loudest accessory I stumbled on this instagram account: Pasta Girlfriend. A true must-follow for all fascinated by the phenomenon and believe in pasta content that isn’t just runway models holding a plate of spaghetti.

Image via Sally Mo

The pasta trend can be pretty versatile though, if you were to be interested in something less triggering than very skinny internet phenomenons and gluten. There is a pasta image waiting to be taken for every subculture on Instagram.

The fashion hub match pasta with fancy dresses and bold shouldered blazers.

The beauty hub do the pasta trend in the tub with a good detox mud mask.

The meme hub do pasta in every possible way.

Image via Taste of Streep.

Of course me and Linn has tried the famous pasta accessory, field journalists as we are.

But this leads to my final question. What will be the next big eatable accessory trend in social media? Actual eating? Life is short. Eat the pasta.

Published 08/02/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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    I love reading your guys’ blog. I just found out this amazing website two days ago. And I have been having the tab open on my laptop. I really love all the outfit/fashion articles. And this kind of interesting topic! (currently eating pasta at home…)


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