Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

Published 08/02/2023
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Never underestimate the power of gifting.

On the contrary, seize the opportunity and see Valentine’s Day as an excellent opportunity for you to express your love and appreciation (no matter the response). Forget all the silly Valentine’s commercials trumpeting messages of love. Say it with a thoughtful gift, and it will surely earn you more points… or kisses… or whatever reward you’re looking for. XoXo

Byredo Lipstick Red & Blue

The Byredo Lipstick ticks all Valentine’s boxes: it comes in red, it’s long-lasting with a satin finish and packed in a sculptural silver and gold metallic container, hence flirting more with ‘design objects’ than classic makeup packaging.

Find the lipstick and more here.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Heart Earrings

Make maximum impact, in multiple ways, by gifting your loved one with a pair of vintage Yves Saint Laurent earrings. For the special occasion, pick one of the heart-shaped, golden earrings embellished with painted Murano glass or covered in rhinestones.

Browse Vestiaire Vintage YSL Jewellery here.

Simple Passion, Annie Ernaux

Fitzcarraldo Editions

The Fitzcarraldo Edition of the winner of the Nobel Price 2022 Annie Ernaux’s novel, is like the sweetest candy for both eyes and ears, with French flaps and the use of a custom serif typeface. Simple Passion is the story of an all-consuming love affair that covers the full spectrum, from adoration and worship to jealousy and fear. All in all a lovely reading experience.

Buy the edition here.

For more love theme titles, explore the Hobnob 2023 Reading List.

Melted Heart, Seletti

The Melted Heart is a golden frame that seems to melt as if it were liquid material, a sweet that makes you want to eat it, almost as if it were melted chocolate, according to the designer Marcantonio. According to us it’s a porcelain Valentine’s frame and mirror made to perfection.

Shop the frame here.

Lighter Holder, Bottega Veneta

A deluxe, solid brass, lighter holder might not be the first thing you think of when shopping for this year’s best Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. But 100% guaranteed the most grandiose and luxurious one.

Tears & Tearsheets

Katie Grand

This special edition of 1500 is for sure the most fashionable accessory for your loved one’s coffee table this Valentine’s Day. It’s a deep dive into the universe of iconic stylist Katie Grand. Bella Hadid is on the cover and the list of contributing photographers includes Patrick Demarchelier, Inez & Vinoodh, Mikael Jansson and Donna Trope, to mention a fraction of the long list of famous names.

Shop the book here.

Published 08/02/2023

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