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Published 29/09/2020
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I live for two things: good hair and hacks that let me sleep longer in the morning. Okay, maybe not *live for* but I truly appreciate things which let me trick the proverbial system. And since I’d rather sleep in or start my mornings with a cup of coffee while I stare blindly at the tv for 35 minutes than actually wash my hair, I’m obsessed with dry shampoos. Here are some of my faves! Rated and everything.

Maria Nila Dry Shampoo

First of all, there are the obvious benefits of Maria Nila being vegan and the packaging being 100% C02 compensated. It’s a no-brainer, easy to use, powder that gives a bit of a structure to your mane, which I really like.

Freshness: 4
Structure: 3

Lernberger Stafsing Dryclean
As a copy nerd, obviously I am obsessed with the name of Lerberg Stafsing’s “Dryclean”, hehe. This one focuses on gr8 volume so if that’s your goal, go ahead and use this spray even if your hair is not dirty. Also, this is a more sustainable option.

Freshness: 3
Structure: 5

Maria Nila Invisidry Shampoo
This dry shampoo really is invisible. It’s a powder spray that doesn’t give you that powdery effect or crazy volume. So, if you’re going for silk rather than body, this is your go-to. And again, big plus on the packaging being 100% C02 compensated

Freshness: 4
Structure: 1

Björn Axén Dry Shampoo Melon Mist
Cute packaging. This bad boy smells like melon, but it also comes in sunny grapefruit and green apple. I personally like all things scented but if your sensitive, this one’s not for you. Other pros are the price and that it gives structure without being “rough”.

Freshness: 5
Structure: 2

Keune Blend Refreshing Spray
This baby is light weight and multi vitamin complex for instant conditioning. Also, big pro is the size. Fits in a baguette bag, easily.

Freshness: 4
Structure: 2

Yes, I shot these in my fridge. So?

Published 29/09/2020

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