Trans-seasonal dressing is like arriving to dinner hungry

Published 06/10/2021
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The weather rarely feels seasonal lately, maybe thanks to our old pal global warming. Mastering trans-seasonal dressing seems to have become a necessity due to the fact that it’s basically four-seasons-in-a-day every day. While I’m sure we can all agree that the in-between seasons are the best, it can sometimes get awkward when the weather isn’t quite sure who it is..? 

Foccacia, breadsticks, brioche, whole wheat?

Choosing what to wear every morning is like arriving to dinner hungry. By the time the breadbasket is set down on the table, I’m hungry enough to want one of each even though I know it will spoil dinner. On the contrary, trans-seasonal dressing has no repercussions, and the desire to “wear it all” at once (read: stuffing your face with unnecessary bread) is fully permissible. Break the rules, wear your summer dress over pants, heavy knits with sandals, and slip into those rainboots although the sun is shining.

It’s the time to unpack your treasured winter pieces and let your summer favorites hang. PS. You have full permission to wear your favorite staples simultaneously, right on top of each other.

So, Instead of bemoaning the chilly climes that are here to stay, you’re better off embracing the shift in seasons.  Case in point: let me round up my favorite trans-seasonal looks to help keep your look hot, as the temperature figures out its identity crisis. 

The Appetizer

Knit Sweater: ARKET Knit Skirt: ARKET Boots: Chanel Bag: Rotate

With the days getting shorter and darker by the week, a monochromatic pink set will prove a welcome distraction for when the skies are dreary. Not only does the color put a smile on my face, but all pieces in my closet are itching to be paired with this bright shade. I can swap the skirt for trousers, pair it with a turtleneck to master layering, or add a pair of white stockings if I am feeling chilly. 

I mean I love volume, and I can’t help it!

(is the heading large enough?)

Are your dresses pushed back to the shadowy depths of your closet, not to be worn until the temps are safely back – then you should bookmark this page. Thanks to layering, a dress can be carried 365 days of the year.

Let’s break it down, outfit layering is kind of like Tetris: Not every item of clothing is destined to fit together. Play with proportion and (try) to always stick to one bulky item. In this case, a poufy dress that’s just too good to be left in my wardrobe until next summer. As you can tell my shoulders are recognizable from a mile off, but with straight trousers and a tank layered underneath, the look is played down. In true MasterChef terms, it’s like a pinch of salt to neutralize the sweetness of this palette – just don’t overdo it because it may affect the final outcome of your dish.

The Main Course of my Trans-seasonal Wardrobe

This coat makes my heart full, just like Tajarin al Tartufo with extra Parmasan would.

Go big on the top, and leave your accessories to do the talking…. A good coat is the Truffle of every wardrobe. For colder days this it will keep me warm, and if the weather peaks, hang it over your shoulders for an effortless look.

Coat: Max Mara Bag: Balenciaga Shoes: Sania D’mina

The most hardworking wardrobe star.

Blazer: Balenciaga Clutch: COS Trousers: COS Sunglasses: Ginatricot x HOBNOB Earrings: Ginatricot x HOBNOB

My favorite pick of trans-seasonal must-haves would be the blazer as it’s not too heavy, nor too light. I feel like if I were to edit my closet to just 5 pieces – the answer to a pinnacle of an easy life – a blazer would be non-negotiable. Paired with a tee underneath, knit trousers, and a cashmere knit knot* wrapped around your neck like a scarf, your ready to take on switch in seasons. You just have to make like an onion and layer it in unexpected ways with what you have.

*alert, the knit knot is best thing that ever happened since sliced bread. Wrap the sweater around your neck as you would do with a big scarf or, tie it loosely and let it drape back.

Disclamer: It’s the beginning of October and I’m still wearing flip-flops. While sandals aren’t a staple go-to in the Winter season, they sure serve well during three (two?) other seasons. In all honesty, I refuse to give up my love affair with sandals just because summer is officially over.

Let your tootsies breathe!

The Palate Cleanser

If the wet weather is getting you down, forget all the other shoes in your wardrobe. When I am not busy resisting the cold in flip-flops you’ll find me backing the rubber trend, as it just may be the best thing that ever happened to my wardrobe.

Rain or shine, a pair of wellies are the perfect finish to transition away from summer – and anything the season throws at us. This may just be your most refreshing – and practical – purchase yet.

Puddle Boots Glitter: Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots Kiwi: Bottega Veneta

Chocolate Souffle – anyone?

Seasons are becoming less and less relevant, it’s all about longevity and pick key pieces that can be styled now and for later. Say hello to this chocolate brown suit ill be wearing from breakfast to the bar. It’s classic but has a subversive twist to keep things interesting (just how I like my dessert).

As you can tell the sun came out today, so I decided to wear it as is, and not layer a turtle neck under, nor add a trench on top. Because who needs a dollop of whipped cream when the foundation is perfect?

Suit Blazer: Zara¨¨ Suit Trousers: Zara Shoes: Chanel

The only thing yesterday’s heatwave and tomorrow’s cold front have in common is how good your outfit will look today. Enjoy electing fabrics, cuts and colors ­– to muster up a chic, comfy and foolproof outfit. Transeasonal dressing is all about mixing, matching and indulging in all ends of your wardrobe. So I tell you to reach for the breadbasket, even though you know it’ll spoil dinner – because who has ever regret filling up on all homemade sourdough with butter on top?

Published 06/10/2021

Hobnob contributor, Caroline Ekberg, was previous Style Editor for Harper’s BAZAAR. She preaches marrying polka dot with plaid and florals with leopard and if you take a peak inside her closet you’ll realize she stores more feather embellished garments than any peacock can carry.

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