Top 5 Jewelry Brands To Discover For Summer

By Larissa Gill

Published 22/04/2020
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Summer picnics in the park, long days tanning on the beach, and afternoons gardening in the sun are soon approaching, which means it’s time to get our summer wardrobes in check and prepared for the warmer days ahead.  Colorful sundresses, funky sandals and dreamy vintage purses overflow my wardrobe during the summer months but if I am going to be honest what takes up most of my small New York City closet is my endless jewelry collection (which I am guilty, yet proud of). 

Freshwater pearls, rainbow beads, and gold accents are all the rage for the summer ahead. As seen on myself and many fashion Instagrammers, layering mismatched jewelry is everyone’s favorite this season. Scrolling through my Instagram, digging through my Instagram Saved, and browsing the internet, I discovered some of the coolest up and coming jewelry designers that will be perfect for the sunnier days ahead. 

Are you ready? Here we go

Made with love in the heart of Miami, Eliou will make you feel like you have a piece of the beach with you wherever you go. Their collections are filled with nothing but creamy pearls and colorful beads that will always add a touch of Summer to any outfit. 

Find the entire collection here.

Anni Lu

I have to say, I now believe in love at first sight after Anni Lu.

I first discovered this jewelry brand a few years ago in a boutique in Copenhagen, and I have been in love ever since. All the jewelry pieces are handmade in Denmark, and are made with earthy stones and fashionable gems; a perfect mix of simpleness and boldness in every piece. 

Hanna MW via Anni Lui
FREDRICK C. H via Anni Lui

Follow Anni Lu’s world here.


Warning: once you click on the website you might want to buy everything in sight. I promise you.

Every piece is youthful and bright. Notte is the definition of a Summer inspired brand with fruit glassed charms and playful beads. The designer is inspired by New York City and Italy, two places in the world with the most charm for sure! 

Want more? Head to this link.

Wald Berlin

Dreamt from long beach days and summer gardens, this jewelry brand will have you be dreaming of summer and feeling nostalgic.

Wald is based out of Berlin and was founded by two stylists that make everything by hand, which is the coolest thing. I don’t know about you but right now I am eyeing up their Smilie Dude Pearl Necklace, and I think it would pair so cute with all the sundresses in my closet. 

Follow them on their Instagram road here.

An 80’s charm with hints of the beach, Mayol meets right in the middle. The designer makes all her jewelry in her studio in Greece and is inspired by 80’s pop culture and her hometown, which is evident in all her jewelry designs. Her collections are filled with statement earrings, large shells, and lots of rhinestones, a.k.a all of my favorite things!

Shop till you drop here.

Published 22/04/2020

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