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Published 24/02/2020
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Hobnob usually sum up the week with every link you need to be updated on what’s going on in cyber world but this weekend was so busy it deserved its own sum-up.

Friends are happening again

The rumors has been going around for years. Actually since the show was finished in 2004. But it all reached its boiling point this winter when both Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry joined Instagram and was given a very warm welcome by their former co-stars.

And then the bomb hit. In May HBOMax will take over the license of the sitcom from Netflix and are celebrating it by launching a special episode with the full cast. But if you were hoping for the friends to be back in Monicas very millennial purple apartment then you will be disappointed. The cast will be joined by the producers for a non-scripted talk and it will be produced by the same crew that do The Late Late Show which means we are more in for a talkshow than an afternoon at the Central Perk.

But that does not matter. Could I be anymore excited??

Raf Simons <3 Muiccia Prada

Raf Simons was announced co-creative director of Prada! Who saw this coming??

Prada themselves told it like this to the world.

From 2 April 2020, Raf Simons will join the Prada brand as co-creative director, working in partnership with Miuccia Prada with equal responsibilities for creative input and decision-making. The first Prada collection designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons will be the Spring/Summer 2021 womenswear show, presented in Milan in September 2020.

Bottega Veneta broke my Instagram Stories this weekend

Of course I will do a full recap of Milan Fashion week but Bottega Veneta deserves a notice in this story since it literary broke my Instagram stories with fringes and sequins. No need to think about what everyone will wear next season.

Ok, tag a long bc I am moving super fast now.

From Prada and Bottega Veneta to reality on Netflix

Has anyone watched Love is Blind on Netflix?

I am a sucker for reality TV and could not help myself but to try Netflix newest attempt in the category, Love is Blind.

If you have not seen the trailer browsing through your Netflix account on the hunt for something to binge, please do.

But I’ll give you the short version: strangers are set up in booths to date each other. They have never met before, and never laid eyes on each other. The point is to fall in love by talking. Let’s just say shit will hit the fan.

And they drink a lot.

To be continued on this matter.

Published 24/02/2020

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