These Swimsuits Prove that I need a Vacation

By Larissa Gill

Is anyone else’s shopping carts and wishlists online filled with beach bags, sandals, shelled jewlery, and most importantly about 1,000 cute swimsuits? I know I can’t be the only one. My shopping cart is telling me an important message;

I need a vacation. 

After months of not being able to leave the house, I only dream of hopping on an airplane to a warm destination. Although if I am being completely honest , what I am really dreaming about is barely the vacation itself but what outfits I would be wearing on the trip, especially the swimsuits of course. 

Is it just me or did swimsuits suddenly get 100 times cuter this year? Honestly it’s probably me just glorifying every swimsuit I see because I am so desperate for a getaway, or maybe they did just get a whole lot cuter? Well I’ll let you be the judge of this one. 

After I show you these suits, you’ll be packing your bags with me too (I promise). 

Shimmer while you swim?

I’m sold.

Swimsuit from Oséree here.

I know. We are on a good path here. Ready for next?

All the neon colors I will ever need in a suit.

Neon bra here
And the cute dotted bottoms here.

No. you can’t go wrong with gingham, especially when it’s in green and pink!

Find the bra here
And the breifs here

Is it just me or does this swimsuit look so comfortable?

Also, it’s 7 sizes in 1 suit which is the coolest thing ever. 

Find it here.

There’s no such thing as too many stripes…

Bikini top here
And the bottoms here

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If you thought there wasn’t enough stripes already, here is the matching tunic.

This is proof that the perfect shade of pink does in fact exist.

And in case you want to stay for the sunset, they even have a matching sweater to keep you warm.

You find the swimsuit here and the sweater here.

A swimsuit with a matching scrunchie?

I am officially in love.

No questions asked, Saks Potts is always a summer essential.

Find their signature swimsuit here and bikini here.

Incase you have extra room in your suitcase:

(it never hurts to overpack)

1. Sunblock

Spf (and glow) on a stick. So you can stay safe AND glow by the pool.

You find the best one here.

2. Sunglasses

You can’t get more classic than a cat-eye. Always my go-to when having a sunglasses crise. Can you relate?

Here are my next purchase.

3. Sunglasses chain

Your sunglasses deserve pearls too.

My favorite ones are from Eliou and you find them here.

3. Sandals

Who said flip flops had to be boring? Here is my proof to that.

4. Matching terry set

The “Blend in with your beach towel” look.

Top here and shorts here.

Thank you for reading, I am going to the beach now! See ya!

Published 23/06/2020

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