The Story behind bikini brand Butter&Hazel

Published 23/06/2021
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We have a new favorite swimwear brand, or should I say obsession? And it is called Butter&Hazel. Since Fanny received her white Terry bikini I haven’t seen her use any else.

Butter&Hazel was born in Amsterdam by Benthe Liem and Isidoor van Esch. The brand is a concept created for girls who want to be fearless and feminine. “We created this brand for everyone who wants to stand out. Who is not afraid not show what they got.” Make it your own and create looks that suit your personal style. With heels or sneakers, casual or fancy. 

We had a little chat with Benthe, and hope to share a little bit of their vision with you.

Tell us about Butter and Hazel, what are your missions with the brand?

Our mission is to brighten up everyone’s wardrobe. With either beautiful basics and colorful key pieces! Inspired by cool girls all around the world. Our pieces are all designed by us in Amsterdam, and created in ateliers and factories in Europe.

Our idea started when me and by boyfriend @isidoor were in Bali. We always wanted to start our own business and we got so inspired by the beautiful island, so we decided to just go for it!

What where your first real key piece?

I think our first ever must have wardrobe piece were our Surf bikini top and Olive bikini bottoms in black rib. We still get the question every day from customers who still wants to buy it. Unfortunately it is from an old collection, but who knows? We might bring it back.

But you can get in I Terry here.

Spoiler: both me and Fanny have it.

And we love it.

Tell us about a perfect day in a Butter and Hazel bikini.

Honestly, every day is perfect in a B&H bikini haha. But we love to start the day with an iced coffee, followed by a dip in the pool and then a walk on the beach. Probably we just stay on the beach the whole day until the sun sets. At night we go out for dinner (fresh fish from the bbq maybe?) and of course wearing a pair of my favorite shorts with matching shirt like our Toby shirt + Lily shorts as a cover up. This sounds like a dream day to me!

What advice would you give anyone who wants to feel more secure wearing a bikini this summer?

Remember, all body’s are bikini body’s! You will look absolutely stunning in all our sets! Key is to feel comfy, so if you like high waisted bottoms? Wear them! If you feel more yourself while wearing a tiny bikini? Wear it!

What is up next for the brand?

We are working really hard on our winter collection and I promise you, it’s gonna be wild! But before that, we might restock our beloved terry cloth bikinis.. But sssht, don’t tell anyone!

Now, go and say hi to all your future favorite summer pieces here.

Published 23/06/2021

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