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The Night Before The Wedding

Published 15/12/2021
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Planning a wedding, every detail is important, that I learnt early on in my wedding planning career. I say career since me and my husband planned 3 weddings before actually getting walking down the aisle. For our first wedding, summer of 2020, we were having this huge party, boat ride from the city and big church, you name it. The number of things that needed to be decided was infinite. Were we having a band or a DJ, buffet or sitting down for dinner? How would the guests get from the boat to the garden where the party would be and wait, are we supposed to bring our own toilet paper or is that included in the fee? These were the questions we were asking ourselves and each other. The questions other people asked us on the other hand were slightly different. Will there be a dress code? Will you wear a vintage, pret-a-porter or tailor made dress? Have you decided on the shoes yet? And oh, what will your make-up look be? 

So when we canceled this wedding, and the next two forthcoming ones, all decisions we were left with were the ones we could keep and bring with us to the final wedding. The clothes, the shoes and oh, the make-up look in mind. 

Fast-forward almost two years to the 21st of October 2021. It was a Thursday and the day before our wedding day in Paris. My best girlfriends had told me to take a walk on town as they were arranging a surprise in our apartment on Rue Saint Honoré, rented for the occasion. And even though I was in Paris, getting married, it was a  wonderful warm October night and I had a really good book in hand, my heart was beating like a full nightclub DJ set. I remember thinking I wasn’t nervous for the day after but looking back, of course I was. Finally when that phone call came and Linn asked me to come upstairs. 

What says the day before the wedding like matching pajamas and a full night of skincare?

When I got into the apartment all the girls had matching pajamas, wine, cheese and a really good 80s playlist on. They got me into a matching pajama, obviously a white one (when in Paris no?) and we spent the night dancing, drinking bubbly and more importantly, masking and trying on our wedding make-up looks. Of course I knew what kind of look I wanted, it had to be easy and effortless but still flawless with Parisian flirt, but getting there can be hard. 

The girls made us matching robes as a surprise!

Of course, I had started my prep for the wedding early, doing my weekly sheet masks the Hyaluronic Halo Mask by MakeTheMake, not picking my face (the ultimate test) and building my brows and lashes with the Vitamin B Brow Gel and the Peptide Volume Builder Mascara, both of them are dual working as pro-growth serums too. I choose to go for an all MakeTheMake look for my wedding day, because Make The Make is the ultimate cross-fertilization of skincare and make-up. So while MakeTheMake provides the make-up look you want, it makes sure to do the work in silence too. How? It was my first question too. But by adding active ingredients all clinically proven to every product, MakeTheMake aims to be the make-up products we’ve all been missing and the skincare product we wished existed.

Having a sensitive skin, I have to choose few products and choose them well. With MakeTheMake, my routine is not only easier which is the way I prefer it, but also minimize the stress on my skin. Which is ideal for a day like a wedding day.

Me, prepping my skin with a sheet mask for a day to remember forever.

The Wedding party getting ready the night before the big day.

The Ceramid Elastic Concealer is always a good party trick and a great pal to keep in your purse.

Us, getting ready with bubbles for the big day in matching pajamas.

The Wedding Day Beauty Routine

  1. We all prepped the skin with the Hyaluronic Halo Mask and a big glass of water the morning after, aka, the wedding day. When the mask had done its magic, it was time to open a Vitamin C Glow Getter Ampoule and have breakfast.
  2. After prep comes base, and the best foundation both Fanny and Linn has ever tried Vitamin B Flawless Filter Foundation and the brush to go with it, also a true hero the Flawless Foundation Brush. We both wore this from 10 am to 2 am on the day of the wedding and didn’t have to do a touch up one single time. This foundation should seriously be called Magic Foundation, no matter how much of a cliché that sounds like.
  3. For both of us, the most important step is the third one, and it’s the brows. Here Fanny start with the Vitamin B Brow/Eye Marker and create a shape before adding a little wild touch with the Peptide Building Brows. Linn only goes for the Building Brows.
  4. When the brows are done it is time for the eyes. For the wedding look, Fanny wanted to have a more dramatic eye than usual, and went for a bold cat eye with the Black Carbon Liner finished off with the Peptide Power Play Mascara.
  5. Last but not least, the blush and the highlighter. Being a millennial, the sun powder was a big part of our lives. Now? Now we blush. Like literary. And our favorite blush, always in our bag is the Vitamin E Blush & Glow Duo, usually we mix the colors Ruby and Flirt to create the perfect shade. Just a tips we thought you’d appreciate!

Us, getting in the mood to do our make-up.

Perhaps the hardest thing ever? Getting a matching liner. Call me if you have any hacks, I need them all.

All the girls in our matching pajamas post sheet mask and ready for bed.

A party table if I ever saw one. Our MakeTheMake bags are the perfect dust bags to carry all our products while traveling.

The last photo of all of us before the wedding day. All glowed up!

Published 15/12/2021

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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